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A Better Tomorrow
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A Better Tomorrow
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A Better Tomorrow

Working Together
The 2007 fall event was just the first of several events to bring the region together for water resource solutions. Two significant initiatives were in launched in 2008 to strengthen collaborative approaches to addressing County water resources issues.

The Broward Water Resources Task Forcewas convened in September 2008 to bring together Broward’s elected officials to evaluate and make recommendations regarding sub-regional and regional water supply strategies and water conservation goals. The Task Force consists of 15 elected and/or appointed governmental officials and is supported by a 21-member Technical Team. Task Force will convene monthly over the course of one year to: gain greater familiarity with water management strategies; review water demands and infrastructure; assess growth and water demand projections; evaluate water conservation options; learn about multi-jurisdictional water supply projects in Florida and nationwide; and propose various alternatives to meet our future water resource needs.

The Broward Leaders Water Academy was launched jointly by Broward County and the South Florida Water Management District in October 2008 to increase the knowledge base of elected officials, policymakers and leaders in the business community on regional water supply issues and options. The Academy consists of a series of workshops and site visits that outline the costs, benefits and relevant issues of providing a high-quality, sustainable water supply to local citizens and businesses, while protecting the environment. Topics for discussion include the essential link between water supply development, water management and the protection of water resources and economic vitality. The Academy is expected to be held annually.

Other initiatives include the Working Water Solutions Newsletter - a publication of the Natural Resources Planning and Management Division. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide the Broward community with news about recent water resource activities, “hot topics” and information on upcoming events.







We'll get there.
– Kristin Jacobs, Commissioner, Broward County, District 2

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How can we do it in a very smart and thoughtful process.
– Chip Merriam, Deputy Executive Director, Water Resources, South Florida Water Management District

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Shannon Estenoz and Commissioner Kristin Jacobs

That's what we really need water conservation programs that pay off.
– Shannon Estenoz, Vice-Chair, South Florida Water Management District Governing Board

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Diversity of water resources is the way to go.
– Ed de la Parte, sponsor
and Managing Partner of
de la Parte & Gilbert, P.A

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