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WWS Conference


Participants at the December, 2007 Working Water Solutions Conference had the opportunity to hear presentations by a number of distinguished guest speakers on water supply planning and policy issues and water conservation and management options. The following are excerpts from their presentations. For a copy of the full video, please contact Robert Rudolph at (954) 519-0328.

Cynthia Barnett:

Cynthia Barnett has been a reporter and editor at newspapers and magazines for 20 years. Since 1998, she's written for Florida Trend magazine, where she covers investigative, environmental, public policy and business stories. Most recently, Ms. Barnett wrote Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S., a book that demonstrates how the eastern half of the nation has squandered much of its once-abundant water, and now faces water shortages and conflicts once unique to the West.

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South Florida's Challenges in Water Management

Water policy and water supply planning are just two of the many challenges facing government officials today. These issues have broad environmental and economic implications. Panelists in this session provide regional, subregional, and local perspectives relating to the numerous constraints and challenges we face in meeting South Florida's growing water supply needs.

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Water Conservation Strategies

Water conservation has been part of water utility, government and development planning efforts since the 1970s. It is recognized as a cost-effective means of managing the demand for water, while still maintaining a vibrant economy and community. Yet it has been argued that, as a region, we can and should be doing much more. Participants in this session share innovative strategies and personal experiences with projects that demonstrate improved water conservation as part of business and governmental operations.

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Alternative Water Supplies, Options, and Costs

The trend toward alternative water supply development has become undeniable with the passage of the Regional System Water Availability Rule by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board in February 2007. This rule substantially limits future demands on the regional system and includes severe restrictions on withdrawals from the Biscayne Aquifer. With the passage of this rule, the SFWMD has mandated that alternative water supplies be developed to meet the region's future water supply needs. Panelists in this session discuss alternative water supply options, related pilot projects, costs and other considerations.

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