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 Hurricane Information


Before A Hurricane


  • Use your next bulk waste collection day to get rid of unwanted items.
  • Trim trees and shrubbery regularly. Cut weak branches and thin out foliage to decrease the chance that plants will be uprooted.
  • Place properly cut and bundled tree trimmings at the curb on your next regular garbage collection day.
  • Refresh your supply of heavy-duty plastic garbage bags for household garbage.


  • Don't trim trees once a hurricane watch or warning has been announced.
  • Don't take materials to the curb or Residential Drop-Off Centers during a watch or warning (facilities will be temporarily closed).
  • Don't put garbage or bulky waste items at the curb in a "junk" pile. They won't be picked up that way!

After A HurricaneHouse after a hurricane


  • Watch the news for information regarding the reinstatement of garbage and recycling services.
  • Understand that all services will resume as soon as possible after an emergency, although it may be several weeks before bulk waste collections are reinstated and hurricane debris is removed. The first priority will be to remove hurricane debris prior to reinstating bulk waste collection.
  • Keep waste separated at the curb for easier collection (household garbage, tree trimmings, and miscellaneous debris and trash). See chart below.
  • Cut all tree limbs into sections 4 feet in length and 50 pounds or less and stack neatly at the curb.
  • Place all debris curbside. (Collection contractors can only pick up debris from the curb and public roadways.) It may take several weeks to clear debris, even in the event of a weaker hurricane such as a Category 1.
  • If FPL or AT&T cuts down branches or trees in your yard, it is your responsibility to properly prepare the debris for collection as indicated above.


  • Don't use garbage bags, paper bags, plastic bags, or cardboard boxes for putting out household garbage.
  • Don't rely on County personnel and collection contractors to remove debris from locations other than curbsides or public roadways.
  • Don't risk property damage or personal injury by placing debris near a fence, mailbox, poles or on top of power line equipment.
  • Don't place bulk waste and recycling at the curb until an announcement has been made that these services have resumed.
  • Don't lace items in front of vacant lots—they won’t be collected


For more information regarding hurricane preparedness, visit the Broward Emergency Management Agency's website at or call 954-831-3900.​