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By now, you should realize that our personal water management habits affect the beautiful and diverse natural systems and water resources we have here in Broward County. It’s up to us to make sure that these resources are protected for the future. Participating in and learning from the many programs Broward offers is a great way to make sure we’re all doing as much as we can.

There are several programs that Broward County offers to help residents learn about water management and conservation.

Whether it is the park down the street that serves as a demonstration site for water conservation, one of the many training sessions offered in landscape best management practices, or a fun community event that teaches the public about water conservation, Broward’s many different educational programs and activities teach you about why Water Matters.

Keep reading to learn how demonstration projects, the NatureScape Irrigation Service, Water Matters Day,  Know the Flow, and NatureScape Broward are helping to make a difference in our environment!

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