Know The Flow

Know the FlowThe next time it rains, take a minute to think about where the water goes after it hits the ground. Some of that rainwater runs off of your yard and into your neighborhood swales, canals, retention areas, and even streets.  It is then discharged into larger canals, and eventually into bodies of water like the Atlantic and Everglades. Stormwater that doesn’t runoff will seep into the ground and recharge the aquifer.

Since water from our yards inevitably ends up elsewhere, when we misuse chemicals, irrigate inefficiently or fail to maintain our swales and retention areas we negatively affect the quality of our water resources and neighboring natural systems. Knowing how water flows from your yard to the coastal areas and the Everglades will help you understand the role you play in making sure we have an adequate supply of high quality water here in Broward County.

Broward County’s Know-the-Flow program explains the many components of our water management system in more detail. It also includes information on how to participate in the maintenance of your local water management system and how to be a better steward of the environment. You can learn more about this program on the Know the Flow Web Site.