NatureScape Broward

NatureScape Broward teaches residents how to create a landscape that will conserve water, reduce pollution and create habitat to attract native and migratory wildlife. Creating a NatureScape will not only help to preserve our precious water resources, but will also add value to your home and save you money on your utility bills.

NatureScape lawnNatureScapes emphasize the use of best management practices for landscaping. These are cost-effective, efficient, and simple methods for creating and maintaining water-wise and low maintenance yards with minimal use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals and complying with mandatory outdoor water restrictions.

NatureScape signBroward County received national standing as the first County to be recognized as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. This recognition underscores the County’s commitment to the environment and efforts to involve individual residents, business owners, schools, and municipalities in local efforts to protect our natural resources. The County’s efforts have focused on environmental outreach and education designed to preserve our water resources and create wildlife habitat. The creation and certification of NatureScapes has been fundamental to this effort.

So far, over 4,000 properties have been certified as NatureScapes in Broward County. You can learn more about how to transform your yard into a NatureScape by visiting the NatureScape Broward webpage.