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Water Saved:  1 Billion Gallons

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Broward County’s NatureScape Irrigation Service (NIS) is a water conservation program offered in partnership with 20 county and municipal agencies. The goal of the NIS is to reduce urban water consumption and improve the quality of surface waters through efficient irrigation and environmentally-friendly landscape practices. The NIS program targets large properties, such as government facilities, parks, schools, and multi-family residential complexes, where water conservation efforts can produce the greatest water savings.  Savings on large sites typically exceed several hundred thousand gallons annually and, in some cases, one million gallons. Since 2005, the NIS team has completed over 2,700 evaluations with Actual Water Savings exceeding one billion gallons saved.

Irrigation EvaluationOften, significant water savings can be achieved with basic calibration adjustments or minor repairs to the irrigation system. NIS professionals identify these problems by assessing the site, the existing irrigation system and its operational schedule. They note current water usage and the general landscaping features. Property managers are then provided with a summary of recommended improvements. These might include things such as reducing the frequency and duration of irrigation, removing water thirsty plants, or repairing damaged sprinklers, leaky pipes and faulty pumps. When able and appropriate, the NIS provides Smart (weather-sensing based) irrigation controllers to properties which have implemented the basic recommendations provided to them following an initial evaluation. Water savings as a result of the improvements can then be calculated during follow-up evaluations.

Property managers are also provided with information on the NatureScape Broward program and are encouraged to pursue NatureScape certification. The result is a savings in not only water, but energy, time and money.  If you are a large property manager or owner and interested in learning more about NatureScape certifications, NIS evaluation and community partnerships please call 954-519-1281.

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