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The 13th Annual Water Matters Day will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2015!

Water Matters Day 2014 poster

An important part of Broward County’s effort to educate residents about water conservation is Water Matters Day. This fun, activity-filled event focuses on teaching residents about the need to conserve and protect water for people, plants and animals. The event helps Broward residents make the connection between their daily activities and the impact they have on our local water resources and natural environment.

Water Matters Day exhibits show how to save and protect water through landscape best management practices and through indoor conservation. They also help explain local water management, Everglades restoration, and how our canals connect the County’s urban and natural systems.  Workshops with landscaping and gardening experts give attendees insight into how to make their yards less water dependent and more inviting to native wildlife. The workshops provide in-depth information and an important opportunity for learning in small groups where questions can be answered personally. One of the most popular sessions each year is on how to create a NatureScape. NatureScape Broward experts explain the importance of environmentally-friendly landscaping, with tips on plant selection and placement, proper fertilizer and pesticide use, and more.


The best part is that while Water Matters Day is about education, it’s also about fun. The event is packed with workshops, giveaways, children’s activities, and entertainment. For instance, while parents are learning about choosing the right plants for their yards, their children can have their face painted or participate in various activities such as planting flowers to take home. They can also enjoy local musical entertainment, or help their parents collect giveaways, which in the past have included rain gauges, automatic shut-off devices for irrigation systems, native trees and plants, and garden mulch.

Not only are these freebies and activities popular, but they also help attendees apply what they’ve learned when they get home. And that’s the most important lesson Water Matters Day has to teach. Participants are encouraged to take what they they’ve learned and put it into practice. We can all be leaders in water conservation by setting a good example for our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Everyone has a role to play in the wise management of our water resources. When we work together, we can make sure there’s enough quality water for people, plants and animals.

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