Water Reality Check

Until your attention is drawn to it, you may not realize how much water you use—and waste—everyday. It can add up quickly when you consider the number of times we engage in activities that require water. Each Broward County resident uses an average of 161 gallons of water every day. Consider the following activities and how much water they require. Estimate the amount of water you use based on these figures. Surprising isn’t it? You’ll learn more about what you can do to conserve water in the Protecting Water Resources section of this website.


Water Used with Wasteful Practices

Water Used with Conserving Practices
Showering for 10 minutes About 50 gallons (conventional showerhead) About 25 gallons (low-flow showerhead)
Shaving 20 gallons (water on) 1 gallon (fill sink)
Washing hands for 2 minutes 10 gallons (traditional faucet) 4 gallons (using faucet aerator)
Flushing the toilet 3 to 5 gallons 1.6 gallons (low-flow model)
Washing the car 100 or more gallons (hose running) 10 to 15 gallons (fill bucket)
Brushing teeth 4 gallons (water on) .25 gallons or less (water off, fill glass to rinse)
Washing dishes 30 gallons(tap running) 5 gallons (fill sink)
Using a dishwasher 16 gallons (partial load, full or pot-scrubber cycle) 9 gallons (light wash, full load)
Washing clothes 35 to 40 gallons/load (highest water level) 25 gallons (lower water level, adjusted to load)

Sources: EPA, USGS, California Urban Water Conservation Council