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Business Operations Division
Business Operations Division (BOD) is committed to supporting all Water and Wastewater divisions by providing exceptional customer service and timely and accurate billing services; supporting sound financial management; fiscal planning and rate development; and providing efficient and effective support services.

Business Operations Division provides accounting services for all divisions of Water and Wastewater Services to provide timely financial reporting, ensure compliance with federal and state laws, professional accounting standards and County policies and procedures. The division provides customer services including meter reading and meter repair, monthly billing and collection of revenues.

The division operates a warehouse for materials and supplies used in the operation and maintenance of utility infrastructure. Business Operations Division coordinates materials management, purchasing and contract administration functions for all operational and administrative activities in Water and Wastewater Services.

In addition, the division performs grounds and building maintenance services for over 200 locations owned and operated by Water and Wastewater Services throughout the County. The division also coordinates the budgeting activities of all divisions of Water and Wastewater Services, supports the development of fiscal plans and rates, fees and charges for the services provided and publishes an award-winning employee newsletter.

Business Operations Division highlights include:
  • Continuing to implement the “Toilet Credit” Program for Water and Wastewater Services customers to replace old, high-flow toilets with WaterSense high efficiency low flow toilets. Under the program, each approved customer receives a $100 credit (a maximum of $200 per customer) to their water bill to support water conservation efforts.
  • Enhancing communication systems and employee training at the Water and Wastewater Services customer payment centers and call center.
  • Preparing complete and accurate WWS financial statements using CAFR online.