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Information Technology Division


Water and Wastewater Information Technology Division (WWITD) is committed to providing Water and Wastewater (WWS) divisions with current industry standard technologies to efficiently and effectively automate business functions and to providing a high level of service support for those systems. WWITD provides specialized automation services to the water and wastewater utility by acquiring, developing and maintaining the latest technology solutions on its proprietary utility and SCADA networks. WWITD is responsible for desktop, server and network support for the WWS segment of the County’s administrative network.

The WWITD Director also manages the safety and physical security programs for WWS staff and facilities, which have been designated critical infrastructure by Homeland Security.

WWITD highlights include: 

IT Operations
  • Went live with mobile implementation of Maximo using an application called DataSplice. Here is how this is being utilized in different areas at WWS:
    • Operations Division: WWOD is using DataSplice to log labor and equipment time used on Preventive Maintenance (PM) work orders do follow up work orders, and can skip a PM work order if needed. They are using iPads with DataSplice installed for these tasks. The iPads work in an offline mode, so they do not need connectivity to internet or Maximo when they are entering data.
    • Water Management Division: WMD is using DataSplice to enter Corrective Maintenance (CM) work order data. They enter work order data on chemical usage, labor, and material data on DataSpliceenabled iPads.
    • Warehouse: Warehouse is using handheld scanner equipment with DataSplice installed. Using these scanners, they are now able to do issues/returns, fulfill Work Order reservations, receive Purchase Order lines, print labels, and most importantly do a physical count of available inventory. the scanners are able to scan bin labels from up to 25 feet away, which allows them to check the contents of bins on the warehouse’s top shelves (25 feet up) from ground level.
  • 75 perce​nt completion of SCADA separation from the WWS Utility Network was achieved.
25 percent completion of Utility Network Upgrade was achieved. Plans and Programs
    • Negotiated contract with MTS Software Solutions for the continuing support of the Fortis Document Management application through December 2017.
    • Upgraded the Utility Billing (Energy) hardware to a more robust and current infrastructure to keep the application viable until the Utility Billing Software application is upgraded.​