Backflow Certification



Per the Broward County Cross Connection Backflow Prevention Ordinance:
(Chapter 34 Section 212 of the County Code of Ordinances)

All COMMERCIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, AND GOVERNMENTAL customers as well as MULTI-FAMILY BUILDINGS OVER THREE STORIES that are potable water customers of Broward County’s Water & Wastewater Services, “shall be responsible for the protection of the utility system from contamination or pollution due to the backflow or backsiphonage of contaminants or pollutants though the water service connection. The owner shall install a Backflow Prevention assembly at no cost to Broward County”.

The appropriate Backflow Prevention assembly must be tested and certified annually by appropriate licensed personnel. For ex: Only fire service trained and qualified technicians can perform inspections and/or tests and maintenance on fire service related backflows and only person(s) with a current backflow testing certification working under the umbrella of a licensed plumber can perform inspections and/or tests and maintenance on domestic services supplying water to the building (excluding fire protection services) and to irrigation services.

Test results must be submitted timely to BSI Online (Backflow Solutions Inc):


Phone:  954-831-3250
FAX:  954-831-0959


Water & Wastewater Services
Attn: Water Meter/Backflow Section
2555 W. Copans Rd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069-1233


Customers subject to the requirement may apply for a waiver from backflow requirements if they can establish that there are no substances at the location which are potential water pollutants or contaminants.

Link to Application for Waiver of Backflow Certification (PDF).

The application must be submitted with a non-refundable $50 processing charge. Please see the application for a more detailed list of disqualifying conditions. (Multi-family units may not apply for a waiver) 


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