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Permit Process flow chart (PDF)  

Broward County Water & Wastewater Services (WWS) has a new and quicker process for approval of Developer Project. The new process is called a Broward County Utility Connection Permit or BCUCP. The BCUCP is replacing the Developer Agreement and the Owner Agreement for almost any project the County does not have any monetary obligation towards.

For this process the terms Owner or Developer apply to the Person or Corporation which owns the property and is intending on developing that property.

The Developer or the Developer’s engineer will meet with the Development Coordinator and with the OES Engineer from the OES Planning and Development section to gather information, and review options. The OES individuals can be reached as follows:

Development Coordinator

Lech Nagoda


Engineer 2

Yousef Ismaili

954-831-097 4

Engineer 1

Danny Menendez


This web site contains copies of the Broward County Utility Connection Permit (BCUCP) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4, which can be filled out by the Developer and the Developer’s engineer and printed for submission to OES.

Part 1 is the Application for Plan Review (PDF)
Part 2 is the Application for Connection Approval (Individual Owner)(PDF)
Part 2 is the Application for Connection Approval (Corporation Owner)(PDF)
Part 3 is the Connection Approval for a Corporation Owner (PDF)
Part 4 is the Release for Service (PDF)

The Developer’s Engineer will prepare engineering plans and submit the plans, fee for plans review, and other documents to OES with a BCUCP Part 1 of 4 (PDF). This form has a check list of required documents, and definitions of how to determine the plan review fee.

The Developer and the Engineer will both sign this form when it is submitted to OES. In this form there is a line stating that the engineer must obtain approval within 6 months of the original submission, otherwise the process may have to be started over again. It is also noted that the plan review fees covers the initial review and two (2) re-reviews. Any plans review after that will require a re-review fee to be paid before a review is started by OES.

Incomplete or unapproved plans will be returned to the Developer’s engineer for resubmittal. Four sets of approved plans will be kept by OES, and 1 set returned to the Developer’s engineer so that the Developer can then submit the BCUCP Part 2 of 4. This form has a signature page for the Developer that is an Individual BCUCP Part 2 of 4 (Individual)(PDF) and a separate signature page for the Developer that is a Corporation BCUCP Part 2 of 4 (Corporation)(PDF) Additionally a letter informing the Developer of the “Statement of Charges” for the project will be sent.

The Developer will complete and submit the appropriate BCUCP Part 2 of 4 (Individual)(PDF) or BCUCP Part 2 of 4 (Corporation)(PDF) requesting for permission to construct the facilities approved in Part 1. This form must be signed by the Corporation representative, or by the Individual Owner for the development. In accordance with Florida Statutes all companies must come under the control of a corporation or an individual owner, and it is this representative that must sign the BCUCP.

Both of the BCUCP Part 2 forms include a checklist of the documents required for the submittal package. The Developer Coordinator will review the submittal package, and if complete will forward it to the appropriate representative in OES for execution of the BCUCP Part 3 (PDF). The DNRP, DEP, and/or DEP permits will also be signed and return them to the Developer’s engineer for submission. Once the Development Coordinator receives the required signatures on the forms, he/she will then inform the Inspectors that they can schedule a Pre-Construction Conference and that construction can begin. The Developer’s engineer will then call the Inspectors and schedule a pre-construction conference.

During the construction phase, the inspectors will monitor and observe the construction process to make sure that the project is built to Broward County OES Standards and that the system passes all tests and inspections.   When construction is completed, the inspectors will notify the Development Coordinator to complete the final close-out of the project.

The Developer’s engineer will prepare Record Drawings and submit them along with the BCUCP Part 4 (PDF),  and the remaining documents to OES. This form also contains a check list of the required documents. Record Drawings are Drawings prepared to show what is actually constructed along with exact location information of where the utilities are. Record Drawings are not a set of design plans marked up to show what has been changed and built, but a clean set of drawings showing what has been built.

Once the BCUCP Part 4 (PDF) is approved the Development Coordinator will notify the Developer that they can obtain water meters, and service for their site.


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