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Broward County > Water Services > Rates and Fees > Laboratory Charges

Rates, Fees, and Charges Index

Laboratory charges, per test:

1. Analysis:


Alkalinity, Total $16.00
Ammonia $18.00
C-BOD/BOD $26.00
Calcium Hardness $16.00
COD $23.00
Chloride $15.00
Chlorine Residual $12.00
Color $10.00
Conductivity $9.00
Conductivity (field) $9.00
D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen) $10.00
Fecal Coliform $25.00
Fecal Coliform (M.P.N.) $65.00
Fluoride $16.00
Halo Acidic Acid (HAA) $125.00
Hydrogen Sulfide $25.00
Metals (furnace)/Per Metal $25.00
Metals (ICP)/Per Metal $16.00
Nitrate $30.00
Nitrite $30.00
pH $7.00
SDI Silt Density Index (field) $200.00
Standard Plate Count $46.00
Sulfate $30.00
Temperature $8.00
Total Hardness $16.00
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) $24.00
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) $23.00
Total Coliform (membrane filter) $25.00
Total Coliform, MMO-Mug $25.00
Total Dissolved Solids $17.00
Total Solids $17.00
Total Suspended Solids $16.00
T-Phosphorous $24.00
Volatile Solids $18.00
Total Trihalomethanes $100.00
Turbidity $12.00
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) $176.00
Oil and Grease $93.00
TPH $103.00
2. Sampling:
Field Services Time $75.00 per hr

Auto sampler rental (set up and sampling not included)

$75.00 per day
3. Other Laboratory Services - To be determined on an individual basis, by special arrangement.

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