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Artist Entrepreneur 04 2013
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Art and Culture: Inside the Movement of Multidisciplinary Artist Alexis Caputo
by: Stephanie Krulik

Alexis Caputo

"I intend to rise in the full dignity of my being."
- Alexis Caputo

As one of the world’s most vibrant art and cultural communities, South Florida is home to countless international artists that contribute to the flourishing scene and its movement. While there is a pool of talent in the region, it is unusual for an artist to be able to contribute to every vein of the arts successfully while maintaining a handsome following and continued demand for his or her talents.

Bahamian-American multidisciplinary artist Alexis Caputo is such an artist. Her vibrancy and intensity are spellbinding. She shares, “I am deeply in touch with my private, public and core self and the influence of my artistic language. Simply put, I know who I am and what is within me and I intend to rise in the full dignity of my being."

Artistic Portfolio

Caputo is the sole author of an artistic portfolio that consists of interdisciplinary art, including the interpretive arts of performance art, theater, dance, choreography and music; the literary arts of poetry and spoken word; and the visual arts of painting and film/documentary.

On January 14, Caputo screened her documentary Elders of the Diaspora at the Sadkin Community Center in Lauderhill. As its title suggests, the film examines the experience of elders as forced and willing immigrants in America. The documentary was produced from a grant awarded to Caputo from the Browar