Public Art & Design Program (PAD)


 Cultural-Banner-PAD-large.jpgThe arts are an even better barometer of what is happening in our world than the stock market or the debates in congress.” - Hendrik Willem Van Loon

40 Years of Public Art in Broward County Originating in 1976, the Broward County public art program took a dramatic shift in 1995 when the allocation from county construction projects was increased to two percent.  The program was renamed “Public Art and Design” to reflect a renewed dedication to enhancing architecture and urban spaces through the ideas and creations of visual artists.  The money is distributed to art (70 percent), project support (15 percent) and long-term conservation (15 percent). Major projects occur at airports, ports, roadways, libraries, parks and other county buildings.


As the arts may be a barometer of world culture, so too, public art may be an indicator of a community’s culture.  Broward County’s Public Art & Design Program is an internationally-recognized, world class program, and listed among an ensemble of the world’s finest public art, according to Australia’s Images Publishing in Designing the World’s Best Public Art. 

Apart from the dynamic results and multi-dimensional impact to any community of public art – the process itself is an interesting one. Each journey, beginning with the dream, through the collaboration of artist, community groups, planners and architects, delivers a work of art resulting from the meeting, negotiating and creating of these learned minds. The process is a work of public art, within itself!

The purpose of Broward County's Public Art & Design program is to contribute to the enhancement of urban design through the creation of commissioned works of art that create a sense of place, that improve the visual environment for the citizens of Broward County and that advance the missions of the County departments where the projects reside. Today more than 256 artworks are installed at 90 locations.

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Broward County Public Art & Design program is a national leader in developing model public art policies and best practices, producing exemplary public artworks synthesizing design excellence.  Broward County has received five Americans for the Arts Year in Review public art awards over the past eight years, an indicator of the program's outstanding commitment in advancing art and design."

Liesel Fenner ASLA, Former Manager of Public Art Network for Americans for the Arts


 Reports & Maps

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Arts Selection

Artists are now commissioned at the early design stages of a project so that they may effectively collaborate with the architect as a member of the project design team.  Artists are encouraged to reach out to the community in the early phases of the design process to ensure that Commissioner Gunzburger with Public Artists, Dan Corsonthe resulting artworks and aesthetic amenities respond to community needs and perceptions.

The Public Art and Design Committee which oversees the operation of the program recommends appointment of seven specialized Artist Selection Panels by the Broward Cultural Council.  The selection process, which includes community and agency representatives, is intended to promote excellence while ensuring fairness, diversity, and sensitivity to the specific needs of constituent groups.

Photo: Broward County Commissioner Gunzburger with public artist, Dan Corson


Public Artists

ATTN:  Public Artists whose work is owned by Broward County, FL
Please make sure that we have your most current contact info, use the Adobe pdf document, fill out the form, Artist Contact Information Form (PDF) and mail or fax to:

Cultural Division
Attn:  Leslie Fordham
100 South Andrews Avenue, 6th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
fax:  954-357-5769