Broward County Human Resources Benefits
  • OE starts Oct 16th
  • meet ALEX again
  • Meet ALEX again

Open Enrollment STARTS Monday, October 16th​Go to the OPEN ENROLLMEMT SITE​ for more info.​

It's that time of year again when football is back, the clocks go back and Open Enrollment is back! That's right, believe it or not Open Enrollment is right around the corner. As in STARTS ON MONDAY, October 16th and runs until 5PM on November 13, 2017. There is lots of GOOD NEWS this year so be sure to attend one of the MANY presentations scheduled or come to the Vendor Fairs scheduled for October 23rd through November 3rd.

Also, if you are retiring, nearing retirement or coming up on 65, be sure to attend the Special Medicare Insurance Classes being held from October 23rd - 27th.

The Open Enrollment website and portal will be live at 9AM Monday, October 16th with all the information you need.

Registration links will also be up for you to schedule your Biometric screen if you haven't done one of the Engagement Incentive requirements below.

NEW DEADLINE for Engagement Incentive

In recognition of the importance of annual preventive screenings, the County has continued the Engagement Incentive for 2018.

To receive the County-funding for the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), all enrolled employees and enrolled spouses / registered domestic partners (DP) in the HDHP's who have not already completed a wellbeing event prior to Oct. 31, 2017, must complete and submit the 2018 ENGAGEMENT INCENTIVE AFFIDAVIT by December 31, 2017.

The Engagement Incentive requires completion of any one of the following wellbeing events that are coded as preventive by your provider: 

  • Annual preventive physical
  • Annual Well-woman exam
  • Annual Well-man exam (PSA screen)
  • Preventive Mammogram for women
  • Preventive Colonoscopy for those over 50
  • Biometric Screening with RALLY Survey

Biometric screening (fingerstick screen) AND completion of the Rally Health Survey can be used as a simple completion of the Engagement Incentive and can be done at the vendor fairs during Open Enrollment or the biometric screen can be completed by selecting the QUEST LAB Biometric Screen link​, entering the registration code - browardcounty2017 - and using either option on the site. 

The first time you register on their site, you will need to enter the registration key: browardcounty2017.

Options are scheduling an appointment at a Quest Diagnostic Lab that has a heart icon on the screen (this means they do the Biometric measurements at that location) or Printing the prepopulated Physician/Provider Form and taking it to any UHC in-network provider.

(Please Note: This form has Quests' Logo on it, HOWEVER, you can take this form to any in-network UHC provider that does biometric screens, i.e. Walgreens Clinic, CVS Minute Clinic, etc.)

This biometric screen is no cost to enrolled employees and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners providing you use the form.

The Rally Health Survey is located at This must also be completed as part of your Engagement Incentive. Once both items have been completed, you will need to fill out and turn in the 2018 ENGAGEMENT INCENTIVE AFFIDAVIT(available 11/1/2017) by December 31, 2017.

New enrollees in either HDHP for the new year will have until March 31, 2018 to complete the Engagement Incentive and will not be funded until the 2018 Engagement Incentive Affidavit is received and verified by UnitedHealthcare.

Qualifying event enrollees will have 90 days from their date of activation in the UHC HDHP or HCHP OON to complete the 2018 Engagement Incentive and funding will occur once the affidavit is received and verified by UnitedHealthcare.

New employees are exempt during their first year from completing the Engagement Incentive to receive their prorated funding for that first year.​