Office of Regional Communications and Technology

Program Updates​

County Releases Consultant's Final Report on Regional 911

Broward County released Phase 2 of a consultant’s report on Regional 911 today, culminating a months-long effort to independently analyze stakeholder perceptions of Broward’s new emergency response system and offer recommendations for improvement. The report includes Observational Findings and 21 recommendations in four areas: Technology, Governance and Oversight, Performance Measures, and Effectiveness and Efficiency. The County’s ongoing investment in E-911 infrastructure and improved operations since consolidation has helped identify opportunities for improved performance, many of which are already implemented or underway. County staff is reviewing the consultant’s final report and will move quickly to evaluate and respond to each recommendation. More...​​

Letter to Municipal Managers – December 22, 2016​

Commission Updated on Program Progress

This presentation provides an update to the Board on the progress of the County's Regional Communications System. The presentation addresses the following: Radio Replacement, Computer Aided Dispatch, Local Government Radio (Non Public Safety), Dispatch and Closest Unit Response. Overall, the Consolidated E-911 Dispatch program has shown significant improvements and additional steps are being taken to improve call answer and dispatch time along with the quality information that this provided to our first responders. More... ​​​

Project Updates

Procurement for Public Radio System Moves Forward

The County's efforts to improve the aging Public Safety Radio System continue. At the March 8th Commission meeting, the County Commission unanimously approved authorizing staff to begin negotiations with Motorola to install a single site 700 MHz Overlay System (Broward County Project 25 - 700MHz Interoperable Overlay System). More... 

A major step toward improving Broward County's Public Safety Radio System has been taken by the County Commission. On February 9th, the Board voted unanimously to begin the process to pre-qualify vendors interested in submitting proposals on a project to replace the public safety radio system (Project 25 Public Safety Radio system). More... 

On January 19, 2016, Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry issued the following response documents as follow up to a series of meetings with Fire and Police Chiefs’ Associations on a project to replace the Public Safety Radio System. The proposed new system will fully replace the legacy system with a modern digital radio system with redundancy and back-up capabilities. More...​

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