City of Pompano Beach Replacement Library
Project Description

A new 25,836-square-foot library with 142 dedicated parking spaces to be designed and constructed by the City of Pompano Beach, to replace the existing Pompano Beach Branch Library. The site location has been revised so the library facility will be located on land owned by the City of Pompano Beach. The County will occupy the library via a 50-year lease (with a 50-year option to renew) with the City, whereby the City will be the landlord and the County will be the tenant. The design for this library understands the new ways in which libraries operate in an information age and in response provides access to technology as a means of disseminating knowledge is at the heart of the project’s design.  Throughout each space, state-of-the-art instructional technology is incorporated in innovative ways.  

The design of the library features a well-equipped Electronic Media Lab where patrons will have access to computers and electrical outlets and Wi-Fi available throughout the stacks.  The library will also provide electronic access points with stations distributed throughout the library. Another unique feature is the Teen Tech Studio, designed so that young adults can explore digital media and creativity, individually and collaboratively.  This myriad of technology offerings is intended to cut across age groups and increase access to knowledge for different users.​

Project Photos
​​PB Library During Construction
​PB Library + CC - NW Corner
​PB Library + CC - SW Corner
​PB Library During Construction
Project Map
Project Information

Project Name:

​​Pompano Beach Replacement Library

Project Address:

50 West Atlantic Avenue, Suite No. 2, Pompano Beach, FL ​

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LEED Certification Target: