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ActivitiesPermit Name
A/C ReplacementA/C Replacement
Accessory BuildingAccessory Building
Air License - Air Pollution Source (decontamination)Broward County Air (decontamination)
Air Permit - CountyBroward County Air
Air Permit - State of Florida DEP Construction PermitState of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Air Permit (Construction)
Asbestos - Statement of Responsibilities and Notice of Demolition"Statement of Responsibilities Regarding Asbestos" and "Notice of Demolition or Asbestos Renovation" Note: this is a notification, not a permit
Awnings & CanopiesAwnings & Canopies
Borrow Pit Reclamation Project - Solid Waste Management LicenseSolid Waste Management - Borrow Pit Reclamation Project
Cable Installation / Modification - TelevisionTelephone
Cable Installation / Modification - TelevisionTelevision
Commercial AdditionCommercial Addition
Commercial BuildingsCommercial Buildings
Commercial DemolitionCommercial Demolition
Commercial Interior Partition / AlterationCommercial Interior Partition/Alteration
Commercial Remodel & RepairCommercial Remodel & Repair
Commercial Re-RoofCommercial Re-Roof
Compost Area – Solid Waste Management LicenseSolid Waste Management - Compost Area
Concrete RestorationConcrete Restoration
Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal AreaSolid Waste Management - Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Area
Dewatering ApprovalDewatering Approval
Electric Diesel GeneratorElectric Diesel Generator
Electric Fire AlarmElectric Fire Alarm
Electric Fire RepairElectric Fire Repair
Electric Gas GeneratorElectric Gas Generator
Electric Line InstallationElectric Power
Electric LinesElectric Power
Electric Low VoltageElectric Low Voltage
Electric Low Voltage - Burglar AlarmElectric Low Voltage: Burgular Alarm
Electric Meter ReleaseElectric Meter Release
Electric MiscellaneousElectric Miscellaneous
Electric PowerElectric Power
Electric Service Change OverheadElectric Service Change Overhead
Electric Service Change UndergroundElectric Service Change Underground
Electric Service RepairElectric Service Repair
Environmental Resource LicenseEnvironmental Resource
Environmental Review ApprovalDevelopment and Environmental Review Approval
Fences, Walls & DocksFences, Walls & Docks
Force Main InstallationForce Main
Gas Stations & Repair GaragesGas Stations & Repair Garages
Gas TransmissionGas
Hazardous Material Transfer Facility LicenseHazardous Material Management License - Construction of Hazardous Material Transfer Facility
Hospitals, Sanatoriums, & Rest HomesHospitals, Sanitoriums, & Rest Homes
Hotels & MotelsHotels & Motels
Industrial Plants & FactoriesIndustrial Plants & Factories
Irrigation installationIrrigation
Kitchen RemodelKitchen Remodel
Land Clearing – Environmental Review ApprovaEnvironmental Review Approval
Landfill - Solid Waste Management LicenseSolid Waste Management - Landfill
Manufactured BuildingsManufactured Buildings
Material Recovery Area or Transfer Station - Solid Waste Management LicenseSolid Waste Management - Material Recovery Area or Transfer Station
Mechanical Fire RepairMechanical Fire Repair
Mechanical Fire SuppressionMechanical Fire Suppression
Mechanical MiscellaneousMechanical Miscellaneous
Mobile Home A/C Hook UpMobile Home A/C Hook Up
Monitoring WellMonitoring Well
New A/C New A/C
Parking Facility Air Quality LicenseBroward County Parking Facility License
Parking GarageParking Garage
Paving /drainage Paving & Drainage
Plumbing Backflow PreventerPlumbing Backflow Preventer
Plumbing Backflow PreventerPlumbing LP/Natural Gas
Plumbing Backflow PreventerPlumbing Lawn Sprinklers
Plumbing Fire RepairPlumbing Fire Repair
Plumbing Fire SprinklersPlumbing Fire Sprinklers
Plumbing MiscellaneousPlumbing Miscellaneous
Plumbing Remodel & RepairPlumbing Remodel & Repair
Plumbing Repair & ReplacePlumbing Repair & Replace
Plumbing Sewer Hook-UpPlumbing Sewer Hook-Up
Plumbing Site WorkPlumbing Site Work
Plumbing WellsPlumbing Wells
Potable Water DistributionUtility Connection
Reclaimed Water DistributionReclaimed water distribution
Religious AffiliationsReligious Affliations
ResidentialResidential Rehab / Assisted Living Facility
ResidentialResidential Re-roof
Residential AdditionsResidential Additions
Residential Alterations - Remodels & RepairsResidential Alterations, Remodels & Repairs
Residential DemolitionResidential Demolition
Roadway Modification – Paving and DrainagePaving & Drainage
Roof RepairRoof Repair
Sanitary Sewer/Wastewater InstallationSewer
Satellite Dish & AntennaSatellite Dish & Antenna
Screen & Pool EnclosuresScreen & Pool Enclosures
Shutters & PanelsShutters, & Panels
Sidewalk Maintenance / Modification – Paving and DrainagePaving & Drainage
Single FamilySingle Family
Slabs, Driveways, & ParkingSlabs, Driveways, & Parking
Solar SystemSolar System
Special EventSpecial Event
Storage Tank License / PermitHazardous Material Management Facility - Storage Tank Construction/Closure/Modification
Surface Water Management LicenseSurface Water Management
Swimming PoolsSwimming Pools
Townhouses, Villas, Condos, & MultifamiliesTownhouses, Villas, Condos, & Multifamilies
Tree Removal LicenseTree Removal
Utility Connection to Wastewater Collection/Transmission Utility Connection Permit
Waste Tire Processing – Solid Waste Management LicenseSolid Waste Management - Waste Tire Processing
Wastewater Collection / Transmission SystemInstallation of a Wastewater Collection/Transmission System
Wastewater Treatment PlantLicense to Construct/Modify a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Water InstallationWater Permit
Wetland DeterminationWetland Determination
Window / Door ReplacementWindow / Door Replacement