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Permit: Development and Environmental Review Approval
This countywide activity takes place prior to the issuance of a building permit by the county or any municipal building department.  Plans are reviewed for compliance with all environmental requirements and plat approval conditions.  Additionally, impact/concurrency fees may be assessed if required.  This Approval is required as a prerequisite for all the permits noted above (Approval) and includes new construction and interior renovations. Please note: As of January 2013 all Development and Environmental Review Approvals will be processed electronically.  Please help us in this transition by submitting your plans and documents in pdf format online.  If you wish to submit your application at the Broward County Government Center West you may bring a CD or flash drive containing pdfs of your plans.  We welcome and appreciate your feedback!  Please complete our short survey.  

Applying as a registered user allows you to streamline future applications by saving your contact, owner and development information. To obtain a registered user login please contact us at 954-357-6666 or

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Audiences: Contractor; Design Professional; Homeowner; Small Business
Keywords: Buildings; Clearing and Grubbing; Docks; New Construction; Seawalls; Concurrency Fees; Impact Fees; Land Development Code; Platting