Another Go Green Project

Broward County has a long-standing commitment to business practices that help sustain quality of life, support a viable economy and protect the environment. As employees, we know about the great projects we undertake to meet our customer service promise, “Our Best. Nothing Less.” The County is making that commitment greener and more visible with the introduction of the Seal of Sustainability.

The Seal of Sustainability will identify initiatives in every agency that provide better government today to ensure the future of Broward County’s environment, economy and community. All qualifying County programs and projects will be gathered under a single brand, Another Broward County Go Green Project, to highlight the County’s sustainability efforts to demonstrate to the public our government’s commitment to sustainable operation, and to spread the culture of sustainability. The Another Broward County Go Green Project logo, the footprint, will accompany the Broward County logo as an additional symbol of sustainability excellence on all approved County programs and projects.

To date five projects have earned the coveted Go Green Seal of Sustainability. They are: Conservations Pay$, Label Light Switches at Government Center West, Government Center West Green Showcase, Government Operations Work Group and the Smoking Vehicle program.

Think about how your agency is helping to meet the triple bottom line of sustainability: enhancing our environment, the economy and our community, and then take our survey by October 11. If you think you have a project that qualifies, review the criteria posted on the BC-Net. To learn more about earning the Seal of Sustainability, contact Dr. Nancy Gassman, program administrator.