Your Benefits and You
Open Enrollment is that one time in the year where you can enroll in or make changes to your pretax benefits (health, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts) and now prepaid legal insurance. Remember, your pretax benefits do not roll over to the following year; you will need to participate in Open Enrollment. All other after-tax benefits such as optional life, long-term disability, long-term care, AFLAC, etc. will rollover, where applicable, without you having to take further action.

Your Open Enrollment packet will be distributed during the first week of November via interoffice mail. It will include an Open Enrollment newsletter and materials from the carriers on all of your pretax benefits. You can access Open Enrollment.

New Features This Year:

There are some new additions and changes to your benefits. Below are some of the new features for 2014.

Please note that drugs only classified in the Drug Therapeutic class for the eligible disease state will be covered.

Open Enrollment Presentations and Vendors

Employee Benefit Services will be hosting Open Enrollment presentation sessions and vendor fairs for your benefit at various locations. It is recommended that you attend one of the scheduled presentations to understand your plan options and benefits. You will be able to meet some of the Human Resources staff as well as your representatives from health, pharmacy, dental, vision, and pre-paid legal insurance. Supervisor approval may be required for you to attend. Visit