County Employees Demonstrate Efforts to Go Green

Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division held a special contest in June to find the top “Air Quality Awareness Employees of the Month” and encouraged employees to write about what they were doing to be more air aware.

Shelly Turetzky Ilse Lampner
Shelly Turetzky Ilse Lampner
Winners were Shelly Turetzky, of the Office of Public Communications, and Ilse Lampner, of the South Regional/Broward College Library.

Turetzky wrote, “I have a 50-mile commute each day and last month gave up my premium gas guzzler for a hybrid car. Now I purchase regular gas every two weeks, drive in the HOV lane and enjoy a better commute. I’m very happy and so is the environment! I’ve also changed my habits with mobile device rechargers. I no longer let rechargers sit in the outlet unattached to a charging device. Now that I understand how rechargers act as vampires of electrical power, I never leave the recharger in the wall. Last, I am a convert to reusable shopping bags. No longer do I shop at Publix and exit with plastic bags. I have a permanent stash of cloth bags that I empty and keep in my trunk.”

Isle wrote “I am contributing to cleaner air by bicycling to work every day. My commute is 6.8 miles one way – it takes me about 40-45 minutes each way to get to work. I have been doing this for more than three years now, and the benefits are not only for myself – I am in excellent health – but this is also a great way to keep Broward beautiful. Before I started biking, I had many health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, pain in my back and knees, weight gain etc. Now, after three years, I enjoy my bike ride every day, it is my way of winding down after work, getting my exercise and feeling good about the environment. Please spread the word – biking is like a miracle drug – it really works!”

Both winners received promotional giveaway items including climate change books, solar flashlights, Frisbees and other prizes made from recycled material.

Visit broward.org/gogreen to read about how other County employees are incorporating green practices in their day-to-day routine at work and home.