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Environmental Approval Required: An Environmental Review Approval is required prior to the issuance of a building permit by the County or any municipal building department.
Permit: Surface Water Management
A license is required prior to activities that alter the flow of surface water (i.e. construction of impervious surfaces, paving, grading, and drainage). Jurisdiction is entire County excluding areas within independent water control districts.
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Surface Water Management (SWM) License

Environmental Resource Permit (ERP)

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Audiences: Design Professional
Keywords: SWM; Drainage; Grading; Paving; Parking Lots; Slabs; Asphalt Driveway; Concrete Sidewalks; Piping; pavement; Environmental Resource Permit; ERP; exfiltration trench; flooding; dry retention; lake; storm drain; wet detention; swale; pond; Pump Stations; Drainage Wells; rainwater roof leader; Site development