ePermit Details

Environmental Approval Required: An Environmental Review Approval is required prior to the issuance of a building permit by the County or any municipal building department.
Permit: Installation of a Wastewater Collection/Transmission System
A license is required for construction/modification of wastewater collection and transmission systems, including reuse application systems, throughout the County.

Broward County is also delegated authority for the state Domestic Wastewater Licensing Program by FDEP.

Audiences: Design Professional
Keywords: Gravity; Force Main; Lift Stations; Manholes; Pump Stations; Reclaim; Reuse; Vacuum; Gravity Sewer; Gravity Sewer Main; Underground; Laterals; Treatment; Disposal; Grinder; Sewage; Sewage Collection Systems; Effluent; UUAP; Access Portal; Utility; UV disinfection; Facility; Osmosis; Overflow; Air release valve; ARV; Wet Well; Valve Pit; Submersible Pump; Surcharging; Clean out; Floatation; Float Switch; Control Level; Interconnect; Conflict Structure; Domestic