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Fleet Services

Broward County Florida
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The County’s fleet is comprised of over 2,300 vehicles and equipment. ​

Ross Meslin, fleet manager, is responsible for the operation and the overall direction of the division. Jacob Porras
, fleet management superintendent, is responsible for the inventory and management sections of the division. Ed Bienkowski, supervisor of Fleet center #3, Michael Franquiz, supervisor of Fleet center #8, and Mark Ridings, supervisor at Fleet center #2, are charged with the daily oversight of the repair and maintenance of the majority of County’s fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment.

The Fleet Services Division operates as an internal service fund. The Division charges its customers for fleet-related services such as maintenance repairs, parts, and fueling services. Competition budgeting concepts are employed by the Division to determine its pricing structure. Each of the various cost centers are self-sufficient, having both expenditures and an equal revenue stream.

The heart and soul of the Fleet Services Division is its excellent Preventive Maintenance Program. The aggressive Preventive Maintenance Program has led to many benefits and improvements for the County including a decrease in maintenance cost and reduced vehicles/equipment downtime.​​​​