February 21–March 31, 1997
Bienes Center for the Literary Arts
The Dianne and Michael Bienes
Special Collections and Rare Book Library
Broward County Main Library, 6th Floor
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1997. Bienes Center for the Literary Arts

Modern Rare Books, the third exhibition of the Bienes Center's inaugural year, showcases 37 items from the The Mata and Arthur Jaffe Collection of books as aesthetic objects. The collection was formed over a period of approximately 50 years, and like all collectors, the Jaffes have put an individual and unmistakable stamp on the contents of their revered assemblage of book objects. The exhibition chronicles their maturation as book collectors and, at the same time, provides the viewer a window through which to view the Jaffes extraordinary evolution as bibliophiles.

Early in his artistic development, Mr. Jaffe was initially drawn to the power of expressionist woodcuts. He was attracted to them because they reminded him of the "stark, black graphic quality of the ancient Hebrew 'aleph bet', with its fiery tendrils reaching towards heaven." Next, he quickly discovered "block-books, with each page printed from a solid block of wood that contained the picture and the caption."

From there, it was a short leap to collecting books. Mr. Jaffe sums up his love of books thusly: "I am seduced by the beauty of the handsome letters of the printed alphabet, for it allows man to communicate and to preserve thoughts, emotions, and discoveries. I glory in the well-designed page, I am in awe of creative, magnificent illustrations and, finally, I exalt at sharing with others the nobility of beautiful books that contain man's cultural heritage."

Along with the most important examples of early 20th century illustrated books, the library of the Jaffes also houses a wonderful, personal collection of modern and contemporary books as aesthetic objects. The Bienes Center is privileged to have this opportunity to hold this selected exhibit of book objects from their uncommon holdings.

The exhibit is arranged in four sections:

1. Books Without Words — includes titles by the recognized masters of the 'novel in woodcuts' format: Lynd Ward, Otto Nckel, and Frans Masereel.

2. Accordion Books — features titles by Warja Honegger-Lavater and Antonio Frasconi.

3. Illustrated Editions of Moby-Dick — highlights the Melville novel and adaptations of the Moby-Dick theme by other artists.

4. Other Artists' Books — features unique and limited editions of contemporary artists' books.

The Bienes Center gratefully acknowledges the participation of Arthur and Mata Jaffe in the preparation of the exhibition. They dedicated numerous hours of their time helping to select and plan the installation of the objects. They are genuine bibliophiles, a fact that is demonstrated by their willingness and generosity in sharing with the public so many unusual and valuable titles from their private collection. Thanks also to the Broward Public Library Foundation, Inc., for its continued support of this program and exhibition series.

James A. Findlay
Bienes Center for the Literary Arts

Exhibition Checklist
The artist's name appears first, followed by title, author (when appropriate), place of publication, publisher, date, pagination, size (height by width), and notes.


Ward, Lynd, 1905-
[1] Ward, Lynd, 1905-
Gods' man : a novel in woodcuts.
New York : Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith, 1929.
[144] leaves ; 21 x 15 cm.

[2] —— Another copy.
[144] leaves ; 25 x 16 cm.
(Special edition : #306 of 409 copies. Signed by Lynd Ward).

[3] Hyde, Laurence.
Southern Cross : a novel of the South Seas told in wood engravings.
1st ed.
Los Angeles : Ward Ritchie Press, 1951.
255 p. ; 18 x 15 cm.
(With a review of stories in pictures from Earliest Times ; introduction by Rockwell Kent).
(This First Edition . . . has been printed from the original wood blocks . . . design by Joseph Simon . . . ).

[4] Nckel, Otto, 1888-
Destiny : a novel in pictures.
New York : Farrar & Rinehart, 1930.
207 leaves ; 20 x 17 cm.

[5] Faye, Jules Remedios.
The Mechanical dreamer = Il Sognatore meccanico : a fabulous tale of Italian dreams told in linoblocks cut during the Perseid Meteor Showers.
Seattle : Street of Crocodiles, 1993.
[20] leaves ; 19 x 14 cm.
(Handset and printed in an edition of 125 copies, numbered and signed by the artist. This copy is #29).

[6] Ward, Lynd, 1905-
Mad man's drum : a novel in woodcuts.
New York : Jonathan Cape, Harrison Smith, 1930.
132 leaves ; 24 x 16 cm.
(Special edition, #216 of 309. Signed by the artist).

Masereel, Frans, 1889-1972.
[7] Masereel, Frans, 1889-1972.
Meine Heimat : Hundert Holzschnitte.
[1st ed].
Zurich : Limmat Verlag, 1965.
[100] leaves ; 28 x 20 cm.
(In dustjacket).

[8] Masereel, Frans, 1889-1972.
My book of hours.
[S.l.] : Se trouve chez l'Auteur, 1922.
[147] leaves ; 18 x 13 cm.
(167 designs engraved on wood by Frans Masereel. Foreward by Romain Rolland. This edition is strictly limited to 600 copies for America. [This is copy] #404. Each copy is signed).

Masereel, Frans, 1889-1972.
[9] Masereel, Frans, 1889-1972.
Passionate journey : a novel in 165 woodcuts.
[New York] : Lear, 1948.
22, [167] p. ; 22 x 15 cm.
(Introduction by Thomas Mann. In dustjacket).


Honegger-Lavater, Warja. Le Petit Poucet : une imagerie d'aprs le conte de Charles Perrault.
[10] Honegger-Lavater, Warja.
Le Petit Poucet : une imagerie d'aprs le conte de Charles Perrault.
Paris : Adrien Maeght Editeur, 1979.
1 folded sheet ; 16 x 11 cm.
(Key to symbols in French, English, and German).

[11] Frasconi, Antonio.
A Sunday in Monterey : woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi.
1st ed.
[New York] : Harcourt, Brace & World, 1964.
1 folded sheet ; 14 x 5 cm.

Frasconi, Antonio. Kaleidoscope in woodcuts.
Frasconi, Antonio. Kaleidoscope in woodcuts.
[12] Frasconi, Antonio.
Kaleidoscope in woodcuts.
1st ed.
New York : Harcourt, Brace & World, 1968.
1 folded sheet ; 14 x 5 cm.
(In slipcase).

[13] Honegger-Lavater, Warja.
The Good intention is blue = Der gute Versatz ist blau.
Basel : Basilius Presse, [1963?].
1 folded sheet ; 12 x 6 cm.
(Folded story No. 8. Edition : #135 of 277. Dist. by Wittenborn and Co., Scarsdale, N.Y.).

Honegger-Lavater, Warja. Ramalalup.
[14] Honegger-Lavater, Warja.
Basel : Basilius Presse, 1967.
1 folded sheet ; 18 x 12 cm.
(Folded story 18. Captions in English, French and German).

[15] Honegger-Lavater, Warja.
Guillaume Tell = William Tell.
Bale : Editions Heuwinkel, 1991.
[23] p. ; 14 x 10 cm.
(Edition : #206 of 701. Signed by the artist. In slipcase).


[16] Robinson, Alan James.

Cetacea, the great whales : etchings and woodengravings.

Easthampton, Mass. : Cheloniidae Press, c1981].

1 portfolio ; 41 x 59 cm.

(This portfolio is printed on Arches Cover Buff in an edition of one hundred and ten, with ten copies withheld as artist's proofs. The seven etchings were printed by the artist at Cheloniidae Press, Easthampton, Mass. Mr. Harold P. McGrath printed the text and wood engravings at Hampshire Typothetae, Hatfield, Mass. The sheets are laid in a full leather folder tooled by David Bourbeau of Thistle Bindery. The folder is placed in a quarter leather tray-case hand crafted by Gray Parrot. This is portfolio number 22/100. Signed by Robinson, Bourbeau, Parrot, and McGrath).

[16a] —— [Etching]. Finback Whale and Minke Whales. 38 x 55 cm.

[16b] —— [Etching]. Sperm Whale. 38 x 55 cm.

[16c] —— [Title Page]. Cetacea : the Great Whales. 38 x 55 cm.

[16d] —— [Binding by Gray Parrot]. 39 x 57 cm.

[16e] —— [Etching]. Blue Whales and Killer Whales. 38 x 55 cm.

[16f] —— [Etching]. Humpback Whales. 38 x 55 cm.

[17] Moser, Barry.

Moby-Dick; or, The Whale.

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

San Francisco : Arion Press, 1979.

576 p. ; 38 x 26 cm.

(. . . printed and published by Andrew Hoyem at the Arion Press, San Francisco, California. The edition is limited to 265 copies, of which 250 are for sale. The type is handset Goudy Modern. The Leviathan Capitals used for the title and initial letters were designed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes. The illustrations were drawn and engraved by Barry Moser. The paper was handmade by Barcham Green at Hayle Mill in England. . . . The printing commenced in March of 1978 and was completed in May of 1979. Signed by Barry Moser. In slipcase).

[18] Moser, Barry.

Moby-Dick; or, The Whale.

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

1st ed.

Los Angeles : University of California, 1979.

576 p. ; 26 x 18 cm.

(The Arion Press edition as designed by Andrew Hoyem with illustrations by Barry Moser and a note on the California Edition by James D. Hart. In dustjacket).

[19]—— Another copy.

35 x 24 cm.

(This California Deluxe Edition is limited to 750 copies. In slipcase)

Moby Dick, or, The Whale. books.
[20] Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971.

Moby Dick, or, The Whale.

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

Chicago : Lakeside Press, 1930.

3 v. ; 30 x 22 cm.

(Illustrated by Rockwell Kent. In metal slipcase).

Frank Stella, Moby Dick series : engravings, domes and deckle edges.
[21] Stella, Frank, 1936-

Frank Stella, Moby Dick series : engravings, domes and deckle edges.

Ostfildern-Ruit bei Stuttgart : Cantz, 1993.

98 p. ; 30 x 24 cm.

(In dustjacket)

[22] Simon, Howard, 1903-

Moby-Dick, or, The Whale.

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

New York : Albert and Charles Boni, 1931.

507 p. ; 19 x 13 cm.

(Woodcuts by Howard Simon. Bonibooks).

[23] Sienkiewicz, Bill.

Moby Dick.

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

New York : Berkley ; [ Chicago] : First Publishing, 1990.

41 p. ; 26 x 17 cm.

(Adapted by Bill Sienkiewicz, artist. Bill Sienkiewicz and Dan Chichester, writers. Willie Schubert, letterer).

(Classics illustrated).


[24] Blocker, Mare.

Watch repair.

Simic, Charles, 1938-

Seattle : M. Kimberly Press, 1987.

[6] p. ; 25 x 19 cm.

(Watch repair is a poem from Charles Simic's Return to a place lit by a glass of milk . . . Edition : #17/25. Each book was individually hand watercolored, embellished, and bound by the artist. Signed by the author and the artist. In decorated case).

[25] Johnson, Paul.

To the land of beyond.

[S.l. : The Artist, 1995].

[2] folded leaves ; 28 x 35 cm.

(In slipcase).

[26] Slight, Clarrisa T.

What's happening with Momma?

[Rosendale, NY] : Women's Studio Workshop, 1988.

[7] p. ; 29 x 16 cm.

(Edition of 150, signed by the artist. In case).

(One cardboard sheet accordion folded to form various views of a house, with a poem printed on accordion folded cards that unfold to form a stairway in front of the picture on each page).

Lynn, Toby. A mathematician like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns.
[27] Lynn, Toby.

A mathematician like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns.

[Ft. Lauderdale? : The Artist], 1991.

[10] leaves ; 32 x 21 cm.

(Edition : [1/1]?)

[28] Weier, Debra.

Las Piedras del cielo = Skystones : poemas de Pablo Neruda.

Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973.

Easthampton, MA : Emanon Press, 1981.

[42] p. ; 30 x 23 cm.

(Book design by Debra Weier & Bill Bridgers. Intaglio images by Debra Weier. Edition of 60. Signed by the artists. In dustjacket and case).

(Constructed with flaps and other movable parts on which some text is printed).

[29] Cotty, Anne-Claude.

Chameleons on parade.

[S.l. : The Artist, 1994].

[2] folded leaves ; 25 x 31 cm.

(Edition : 18/100).

[30] Weier, Debra.


Belitt, Ben, 1911-

[Easthampton, MA?] : Emanon Press, 1989.

[39] p. ; 29 x 20 cm.

(Designed and illustrated by Debra Weier. . . . a book of poems by Ben Bellit . . . It includes a variety of printing techniques including intaglio, letterpress, silkscreen, and offset. . . Signed by the artist and the author. Edition : #14/64. In case).

[31] Grooms, Red.

Ruckus Rodeo.

New York : Harry N. Abrams, 1988.

[13] p. ; 30 x 20 cm.

(Published in cooperation with the Whitney Museum of American Art in conjunction with the 1987 Red Grooms' exhibition "Ruckus Rodeo." Illustrated essay by Barbara Haskell. Contains 6 pop-up illustrations by the artist).

Blocker, Mare. Big cats.
[32] Blocker, Mare.

Big cats.

Ames Lake : M. Kimberly Press, 1989.

5 folded plates ; 25 x 20 cm.

(Edition : 1/1. In sequined case).

[33] Weier, Debra.

A Merz sonata : a book.

Rothenberg, Jerome.

[Easthampton, MA] : Emanon Press ; Women's Studio Workshop, 1985.

[23] p. ; 29 x 21 cm.

(Debra Weier did the two multiple-plate etchings, four type-high line plates & rubber stamp drawings. Printed in an edition of fifty numbered 450 to 500. This is copy #463. In case).

[34] Kowalsky, Elaine, 1948-

Heart rendering stuff : (and other stories).

London : The Artist, 1988.

[15] leaves ; 22 x 38 cm.

(Edition #3/12. Signed by the artist. The lithographs and silk screens were drawn and printed by Elaine Kowalsky in Leeds. The pop-ups were designed and the book bound by Charles Gledhill in London. In case).

Van Vliet, Claire. Dido and Aeneas : an opera perform'd at Mr. Josias Priest's boarding-school at Chelsey by young gentlewomen.
[35] Van Vliet, Claire.

Dido and Aeneas : an opera perform'd at Mr. Josias Priest's boarding-school at Chelsey by young gentlewomen.

Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695.

Newark, VT : Janus Press, 1989.

[38] p. ; 38 x 17 cm.

(The words by Mr. Nahum Tate; the musick composed by Mr. Henry Purcell. This co-publication of the Janus Press & the Theodore Press is limited to 150 copies of which this is copy 41, signed by the Claire Van Vliet).

(A deluxe edition of the libretto, which is based on Virgil's Aeneid. "300th anniversary publication, April 1989. The first edition of Nahum Tate's libretto . . . was probably distributed to the audience at the 1st performance . . . in April 1689. The text was prepared, typographically designed & handset . . . by Michael Alpert at the Theodore Press in Bangor, Maine. Printed at the Janus Press in Newark, Vermont by Michael Alpert & Claire Van Vliet . . . The book structure and box were designed by Claire Van Vliet").

(Consists of printing and art work on one side of a folded strip and on leaves attached to the strip, in a box containing a pocket holding a compact disc recording of the opera and an empty 2nd pocket to accommodate any other compact disc. "The book can be stood in a line or in a star-circle shape").

[36] O'Banion, Nance

Domestic science : idioms.

Berkeley : Flying Fish Press, 1990.

[50] p. ; 30 x 16 cm.

(Added title page has subtitle: Pop-up icons. Edition : 87/150, signed by the artist.

In decorated case).

(Printed on both sides of a continuous strip with additional leaves attached, folded accordion style and laid loose in a box. The "idioms" appear on one side of the strip, the "pop-up icons" on the other).

Spruance, Benton, 1904-1967. Moby Dick: the passion of Ahab; twenty-six lithographs.
[37] Spruance, Benton, 1904-1967.

Moby Dick : the passion of Ahab ; twenty-six lithographs.

Thompson, Lawrance, 1906-

[Barre, MA : Barre Publishers, 1968].

1 portfolio ([10], 26 leaves, 26 plates) ; 58 x

43 cm.

(Twenty-six lithographs by Benton Spruance. Text by Lawrance Thompson. In case).

[37a]—— [Lithograph] #4 : Strike through the mask. 55 x 40 cm.

[37b]—— [Lithograph] #15 : The Sphynx. 55 x 40 cm.


Alpert, Michael 35

Belitt, Ben 30

Bigelow, Charles 17

Blocker, Mare 24, 32

Bourbeau, David 16

Bridgers, Bill 28

Chichester, Dan 23

Cotty, Anne-Claude 29

Faye, Jules Remedios 5

Frasconi, Antonio 11, 12

Gledhill, Charles 34

Green, Barcham 17

Grooms, Red 31

Hart, James D 18, 19

Haskell, Barbara 31

Holmes, Kris 17

Honegger-Lavater, Warja 10, 13, 14, 15

Hoyem, Andrew 17, 18, 19

Hyde, Laurence 3

Johnson, Paul 25

Kent, Rockwell 3, 20

Kowalsky, Elaine 34

Lynn, Toby 27

McGrath, Harold P. 16

Mann, Thomas 9

Masereel, Frans 7, 8, 9

Melville, Herman 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23

Moser, Barry 17, 18, 19

Neruda, Pablo 28

Nckel, Otto 4

O'Banion, Nance 36

Parrot, Gray 16

Perrault, Charles 10

Purcell, Henry 35

Robinson, Alan James 16

Rolland, Romain 8

Rothenberg, Jerome 33

Schubert, Willie 23

Sienkiewicz, Bill 23

Simic, Charles 24

Simon, Howard 22

Slight, Clarrisa T. 26

Spruance, Benton 37

Stella, Frank 21

Tate, Nahum 35

Thompson, Lawrance 37

Van Vliet, Claire 35

Ward, Lynd 1, 2, 6

Weier, Debra 28, 30, 33


Adrien Maeght Editeur 10

Albert and Charles Boni 22

Arches Cover Buff 16

Arion Press 17

Barre Publishers 37

Basilius Presse 13, 14

Berkley 23

Cantz 21

Cheloniidae Press 16

Editions Heuwinkel 15

Emanon Press 28, 30, 33

Farrar & Rinehart 4

First Publishing 3

Flying Fish Press 36

Hampshire Typothetae 16

Harcourt, Brace & World 11, 12

Harry N. Abrams 31

Hayle Mill 17

Janus Press 35

Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith 1, 2, 6

Lakeside Press 20

Lear 9

Limmat Verlag 7

M. Kimberly Press 24, 32

Street of Crocodiles 5

Theodore Press 35

Thistle Bindery 16

Univeristy of California Press 18, 19

Ward Ritchie Press 3

Whitney Museum of Art 31

Wittenborn and Co. 13

Women's Studio Workshop 26, 33


Big cats 32

Cetacea, the great whales 16

Chameleons on parade 29

Destiny : a novel in pictures 4

Dido and Aeneas 35

Domestic science 36

Frank Stella, Moby Dick series 21

Gods' man : a novel in woodcuts 1, 2

Good intention is blue 13

Graffiti 30

Guillaume Tell 15

Gute Versatz ist blau 13

Heart rendering stuff 34

Kaleidoscope in woodcuts 12

Mad man's drum : a novel in woodcuts 6

Mathematician, like a painter or a poet 27

Mechanical dreamer 5

Meine Heimat : Hundert Holzschnitte 7

Merz sonata 33

Moby-Dick, or, The whale 18, 19, 20, 22, 23

Moby Dick : the passion of Ahab 37

My book of hours 8

Passionate journey : a novel in 165 woodcuts 9

Petit Poucet 10

Piedras del cielo 28

Ramalalup 14

Return to a place lit by a glass of milk 24

Ruckus Rodeo 31

Skytones 28

Sognatore meccanico 5

Southern Cross : a novel of the South Seas in wood engravings3

Sunday in Monterey 11

To the land of beyond 25

Watch repair 24

What's happening with Momma 26

William Tell 15


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This exhibit was made possible by the generous support of the Broward Public Library Foundation. It is also available as a virtual exhibit at:

Graphic Design by Mary Ann Stavros-Lanning, MASWEL Group, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Printing by Atlantic-Litho Print, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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