ALABAMA: A GUIDE TO THE DEEP SOUTH/ Compiled by Workers of the Writers’ Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Alabama.—New York: Richard R. Smith, [120 East 39th St.], 1941.—xxii, 442 p.: ill.; maps, b&w photos; 21 cm.—(American Guide Series).
[Chronology: p. 405-412. Bibliography: p. 413-423. Population figures, 1940 Census: p. 424-427. Index: p. 428-442.—First published in May, 1941 [5,000 copies].—Verso of t-p. —Sponsored by the Alabama State Planning Commission.—T-p.—The Guide was begun under the direction of Myrtle Miles, former State Supervisor. Final work was done with the editorial co-operation of Stella Bloch Hanau of the WPA Writers’ Program.—p. viii.
Maps: Prepared with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Writers’ Project.—p. vii.—Map on front endpapers: Alabama tours, 1940.—Folded map in back pocket: verso, Alabama, 1940, with index and legend; recto, Alabama Products and Resources, 1940, with legends of Soil Divisions and Natural Resources.—Text maps of: Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery.
Photos: 108 b&w photos by: W.L. Highton, Edwin L. Wisherd, Rothstein, Lange, O.V. Hunt, Post, George W. Adams, Mildred Thrash, Evans, Luther Clark, et al.—p. xii-xiv.
Chapter head- and tail-piece art: signed W.B.
Endpapers: front, map of Alabama Tours, 1940.
Binding: light green cloth with gold lettering.
Dustjacket: front and spine: green and white photograph of waterfall; back: green and white drawing of the Great Seal of Alabama (center), and (clockwise from top left) four corner drawings, signed W.B., of: gourd bird nests for Martins hung in a tree, a rural scene with fence, a factory with smokestacks, and railroad tracks running through a forest].
Fish are fighters in Alabama/Compiled by Workers of the Writers’ Project of the Works Project Administration in the State of Alabama.—Montgomery: Alabama State Department of Conservation, 1941.—38 p.: ill; 23 cm.
[Cover title.—Co-sponsored by the Alabama Department of Conservation.—Cover.—Drawings by William H. Bunce.—p. [3].—This booklet was written by Jack Kytle of the Alabama Writers’ Project editorial staff.—Preface].


A GUIDE TO ALASKA: LAST AMERICAN FRONTIER/by Merle Colby, Federal Writers’ Project.—New York: Macmillan, 1939.—lxv, 427 p.: ill.; maps, b&w photos ; 21 cm.—(American Guide Series).
[Books about Alaska: p. 405-410.—Index: p. 419-427.—Published July, 1939.—Verso of t-p.—John W. Troy, Governor of Alaska, Sponsor.—T-p.—A WPA artist [F. Lo Pinto] drew decorations for the book from sketches made on the spot, and a WPA photographer [W.L. Highton] made a series of photographs.—Inside back flap of dustjacket.
Maps: Map on front & back endpapers: The Sportsman’s Map of Alaska.—Folded colored map in back pocket: verso, Map of Alaska; recto, b&w map, Alaska, showing principal railroads, motor roads, and steamship lines.—Text maps of: The Great Land: Comparative map of Alaska and the United States, Richardson Highway, The Alaska Railroad, Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska, and Great Circle Map.
Photos: 124 b&w photos from governmental and private agencies, and [52] by W.L. Highton.—p. xvii-xx.
Chapter head-pieces: Federal Art Project, New York City, F. Lo Pinto; other decorations by David Weisman.—p. 417.
Endpapers: front and back, The sportsman’s map of Alaska.
Binding: dark blue cloth with gold lettering.
Dustjacket: Design by Richard Halls. Front and spine top: two peach colored Native Alaskan totemic designs; center: white background with black type, author, title statement; front and spine bottom: light blue background with white crescents; back: excerpts of newspaper reviews of the American Guide Series].


ARIZONA: A STATE GUIDE/Compiled by Workers of the Writers’ Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Arizona.—New York: Hastings House, 1940.—xxv, 530 p.: ill., maps, b&w photos; 21 cm.—(American Guide Series).
[Chronology: p. 499-501.—Bibliography: p. 502-510.—Index: p. 521-530.—First published in April 1940.—Verso of t-p.—Sponsored by The Arizona State Teachers College at Flagstaff.—T-p. —The Arizona WPA Writers’ Project is sponsored by the Arizona State Highway Commission.—Verso of t-p.
Maps: Front endpapers: Tour Key Map.—Back endpapers: Arizona Passenger Transportation Routes.—Text maps of: Bisbee, Phoenix, Phoenix and vicinity, Prescott, Tombstone, Tucson, Tucson and vicinity, Yuma, Grand Canyon National Park, and [State Road Map of Arizona] : Map of Arizona in six sections.
Photos: 116 b&w photos by Forman Hanna, Department of Interior, Farm Security Administration, U.S. Forest Service, etc.
Chapter head- and tail-piece art: unidentified. Two sketches signed Ross Santee, State Supervisor of the Arizona Project.
Endpapers: front, Tour Key Map; back, Arizona Passenger Transportation Routes.
Binding: tan cloth with dark brown lettering.
Dustjacket: Title on jacket: ARIZONA: A GUIDE TO THE SUNSET STATE. Front and spine in red, yellow and brown: photo of horse and rider in foreground framed by pine trees, looking at the Grand Canyon? Back: newspaper review excerpt of American Guide Series, and small b&w drawing of a Native American and his dwelling].



ARKANSAS: A GUIDE TO THE STATE/Compiled by Workers of the Writers’ Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Arkansas.—New York: Hastings House, 1941.—xxvii, 447 p.: ill., maps, b&w photos; 21 cm.—(American Guide Series).
[Chronology: p. 391-395.—Bibliography: p. 397-407.—List of Consultants: p. 408-412.—First published in 1941.—Verso of t-p.—Sponsored by C.G. Hall, Secretary of State, Arkansas.—T-p.
Maps: Front endpapers: Arkansas: Key to Tours. Back endpapers: Arkansas: Transportation. Text maps of: El Dorado, Fort Smith, Hot Springs, Downtown Little Rock, Little Rock and North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Pea Ridge Battlefield, and Map of Arkansas in six sections.
Photos: 107 b&w photos by U.S. Forest Service, Lee, Rothstein—Farm Security Administration, etc.
Chapter head- and tail-piece art: “Most of the drawings are by Clifton King. Fletcher Miller and H.A. Thomas each contributed two drawings.—p. [vii].
Endpapers: front, Arkansas: Key to Tours. Back, Arkansas: Transportation.
Binding: black cloth with gold lettering.
Dustjacket: Front and spine in black, yellow, and green: illustration [by Clifton King?] of a mountain valley, river and bridge, and urban scene. Back: newspaper review excerpt of American Guide Series and small b&w illustration of rural landscape].