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Selected Web Exhibits
(University of Delaware Library, Special Collections Department."World of the Child: Two Hundred Years of Children's Books" / curated by Iris R. Snyder)
(University of Southern California. "Magical Moveable Books Exhibit.")
(University of North Texas, Rare Book Room, Fourth Floor, Willis Library. "The Great Menagerie: The Wonderful World of Pop-up and Movable Books, 1811-1996.")
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(State Library of Victoria, Australia. "Moving Tales: Paper Engineering and Children's Pop-up Books.")
(Rutgers University, Special Collections. "The Pop-up World of Ann Montanaro.")
(Boise State University, Idaho Center for the Book: "Pop-Up Books for Adults & Other Children.")
(Students at Barnes Elementary School, Beaverton, Oregon, showcase their handmade pop-ups. "Animated Oregon Trail Pop-Up Books.")
(Personal home page of pop-up collector and author Ellen G. K. Rubin)

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