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Map of Florida 1823The exhibition, "Florida, the Making of a State," had its origins in a casual conversation between Samuel F. Morrison, Director of Broward County Libraries (BCL) Division and a map aficionado and Robert (Bob) David, a former Chair of the Broward County Library Advisory Board and collector of antique maps. As a result of their shared interest, Bob David began to collaborate with fellow map collectors and the concept and theme of the exhibit emerged. Typical of his innovative style, Sam Morrison strongly encouraged and supported the idea of holding the exhibit in the County's Main Library. After receiving permission from the Library of Congress (LC) to borrow maps, a formal visit to the Geography and Map Division was quickly arranged by Samuel F. Morrison and Bob and Lorette David. They were cordially welcomed by LC and were given access to view and select from the collection of approximately 4½ million maps. Special thanks therefore are extended to Samuel F. Morrison for his unfailing encouragement and support; and to Bob and Lorette David for originating the exhibit theme; for their curatorial labors; for helping to select the maps and other materials; for arranging the related programs; for agreeing to lend maps from their personal collection and for their graciousness, good humor and optimism; and to Lorette David for helping to publicize and to document the exhibition and for her work as liaison with the Broward County School Board.

Many other individuals and organizations involved in planning and organizing the exhibition deserve special mention: Dr. John H. Hébert, Chief of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, and his staff for their assistance in facilitating the loan of the maps and to Mr. Hébert for traveling to Ft. Lauderdale for the exhibit opening and for his interesting and educational presentation at the evening's program; Ralph E. Ehrenberg, Chief Emeritus, Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress for his curatorial advice, for the many hours spent in the vault displaying selected maps, for agreeing to write an essay and bibliography for the printed catalog, for writing some of the text labels and for coming to Ft. Lauderdale to speak at a related evening's program; Joseph H. Fitzgerald, former Chairman, Board of Trustees, Historical Museum of Southern Florida for his expert curatorial advice and for writing articles that are reprinted in the catalog; J. Andrew Brian, President & CEO of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, for permission to reprint selected articles from the Museum's publications and for the generous loan of frames for the maps in the exhibition; Rodney E. Dillon and his staff at the Broward County Historical Commission for much appreciated curatorial assistance, for the loan of unique and valuable maps and other related objects and for speaking at one of the related events; Harriet Buchbinder, Head of BCL's Main Library, for her help in solving a plethora of mundane issues relating to security and environmental conditions; Mary Ann Stavros-Lanning for designing the printed catalog and exhibit posters; Margaret Bing, catalog/curator of the Bienes Center for her sage advice and counsel; Doris Williams and the staff of BCL's Marketing department for publicity and invitations; and Pat Dunford, President of BCL's Friends of the Library, and her colleagues for overseeing the wonderfully creative and visually appealing food and refreshment tables at the opening reception;

James A. Findlay

Bienes Center Librarian

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