Frank Lloyd Wright: An Exhibition of Books, Artifacts, and Art from the Collection of Donald Singer, highlights approximately 54 books, periodicals, and other artifacts and artworks dating from 1897 to the pre sent. Among formats included are books, magazines, advertisements, perspectives, textiles, photographs, and stamps.

Donald Singer, an award-winning architect, began amassing the items on display when he was an architectural student at the University of Florida in the late 1950s. Singer’s collection obviously acknowledges Wright’s seminal influence on his own very long and productive architectural career. His loyalty and admiration, however, are not only reserved for Wright’s buildings and structures, they are also dedicated to the books and other materials Wright authored and designed.

Donald Singer is a dedicated library supporter; he is a long-time member of the Fontaneda Society: The South Florida Book Collectors Club, and is the architect of Broward County Main Library’s rare book room, the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts.

I am most grateful to Donald Singer for helping to select the items in this exhibition and for allowing the Bienes Center to exhibit them in its galleries.

James A. Findlay
Bienes Center Librarian

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