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The My WellBeing Program is devoted to enhancing the physical, financial and emotional well-being of Broward County employees by providing services that motivate employees and help them reach their goal. My WellBeing services are designed to empower employees with the information, tools and support they need to take charge and move toward overall optimal health.

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Deferred Compensation

Three providers for Deferred Compensation are available at various locations throughout the County every month to provide you with a presentation explaining the benefits of contributing to an investment account for additional income at retirement. Additionally, you can schedule a private appointment to discuss your investment needs. Select the date of the provider you want to see and sign up for an appointment time. 


Sept 18th
South Regional Family Success

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Sept 23rd
Govenrmental Center Rm 301

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Sept 9th
South Regional Family Success

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Sept 23rd
Transit Ravenswood

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Sept 17th
South Regional Family Success

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Sept 18th
Governmental Center Rm 515

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For more information please contact Employee Benefit Services at at least one business day prior.

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