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Solar array on house rooftop

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

On June 14th, the Commission approved a countywide property assessed clean energy (PACE) program, unlocking an innovative form of financing for clean energy and resilience improvements for property owners across the county. PACE allows property owners to receive up-front financing and repayment of debt for qualifying improvements, such as energy conservation, renewable energy, and wind resistance. Property owners then repay the upfront financing through annual PACE assessments on their property tax bills. More information can be viewed here.

Turtle hatchlings

Sea Turtles are Coming to Nest  March 1st marks the beginning of sea turtle nesting season and Lighting Ordinance will take effect in Broward County’s coastal areas on this date. Florida supports approximately 70% of all sea turtle nesting in the nation, and Broward County accounts for approximately 3% of Florida’s nesting activity. Locally, three species – Loggerhead, Leatherback and Green turtles – start their lives from South Florida’s beaches. All of these species are considered threatened or endangered, meaning they need our help and protection for their future survival. You can help by keeping the beach dark. Read more about your municipalities Coastal Lighting Ordinance.

Eco map of broward county
Check Out Broward's New Eco Maps
Green infrastructure has the ability to achieve co-benefits such as improved public health, better quality of life, and economic development. See how your city rates on each of the eco-initiatives from tree canopy and number of certified wildlife habitats, to solar installations and more!
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