New Courthouse
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Employees Gather for Pre-Move Briefing

The move in process that transitions employees from the current courthouse to the new tower is underway. Employees recently attended a briefing that provided information about the phased-in move which extends from December 2016 through March 2017 and described some of the activities contributing to the move-in delay. Representatives from County Administration, Public Works Department and Dr. Rene Salazar, Air Quality Expert were on hand to provide an update that prepares employees for the move. Employees received an Employee Reference Guide that familiarizes them with the policies and procedures for the new courthouse. A Pre-Move Package that contains additional moving guidance will be emailed to all employees. Employees should address any of their pre-move questions to

​Mosaic Wall Mural Showcases Courthouse History

Among the many beautiful pieces of artwork in the new county courthouse is a mosaic tile wall mural of the second Broward County courthouse. The piece contains thousands of tiles and was designed by a team of artists in Italy based on an original photograph of the courthouse and its majestic bell tower. When artists completed the design, the tiles along with assembly instructions were sent to the U.S. for assembly. The artwork can be viewed by the public on the first floor of the new county courthouse. ​