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2016 “100 Years of Environmental Protection” Calendar Available

The 2016 “100 Years of Environmental Protection” calendars are now available from the Broward County Pollution Prevention Division. The Pollution Prevention Division has been developing these calendars since 2004 in partnership with the School Board of Broward County to increase public awareness and educate students, parents, teachers, and Broward County residents about our environment.

This year’s theme showcased environmental protection in Broward County through the past 100 years. Students were encouraged to creatively illustrate examples of saving our air quality, trees and mangroves, animals (panthers, sea turtles, and coral reefs), beaches, recycling and also highlight how climate change issues have grown in the past 100 years. Plus, the students were asked to describe their environmental protection concept, detailing what changes have taken place over the past 100 years, especially here in Broward County. Calendars can be found at the security/information desk in Government Center East and West.

They are also available at some regional County libraries and online at

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