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Online Services for County Business Tax Receipts Available July 1st

The County’s Records, Taxes and Treasury Division (RTT) will enhance services offered to County businesses beginning Wednesday, July 1st. Broward County businesses will now be able to file an application for a new Business Tax Receipt and/or change address information on an existing Business Tax Receipt at

“We are pleased to continue offering more efficient services to County taxpayers, and are confident that County businesses will appreciate the convenience of being able to access Business Tax Receipt services online,” said Tom Kennedy, Director of the County’s Records, Taxes and Treasury Division.

All individuals and business entities that conduct business activities in Broward County are required to obtain a Business Tax Receipt. For the year 2015-16, the renewal period to obtain a Business Tax Receipt that is valid from Oct. 1, 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016 runs through Sept. 30, 2015. On Oct. 1, 2015, unpaid Business Tax Receipts for the 2015-16 year become delinquent and are subject to additional penalties and fees.

For additional information and assistance, please call 954-831-4000. For more information on the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division, visit

County Monthly Tax Deed Auctions Now Conducted Entirely Online

All properties that were scheduled for Tax Deed Auction during the June 17th online auction have been removed and will be placed into the July 15th online auction. No Broward County Tax Deed Auction will be conducted in June - neither at the Governmental Center nor by online auction. 
For any bidder who has already submitted an auction deposit for the June 17th online auction, you may either use your deposit for the July 15th auction or request your deposit funds to be refunded, using the Request Refund link on this website. We encourage all interested bidders to read and/or view the Tax Deed Auction informational materials that are available on

Avoid Extra Charges for Auto Tag and Registration Services

Renewing vehicle and vessel license tags and registrations has never been easier, thanks to the services found online at the County's Records, Taxes and Treasury Division website. Owners can quickly and effortlessly renew their tags without paying extra fees, ever leaving home, or waiting in line.

The use of some online private renewal websites rather than the County's official website, or the State of Florida's GoRenew site, may cause users to incur more than $20 in unnecessary additional fees.

"We want everyone to know that they can save money and time by conducting renewal services at our official website," said Tom Kennedy, Director of Records, Taxes and Treasury Division. More...​

Consumer Alert for County Homeowners

County homeowners are receiving letters from companies offering to sell them a certified copy of their deed, at prices often ranging between $50 and $100. In many cases, these letters are on letterhead that resembles that of an official government agency. The mailings are sent periodically from various service providers, and tend to focus on newly transferred property or targeted areas of the County.
Tom Kennedy, Director of the County's Records, Taxes and Treasury Division says, "These offers are not coming from Broward County or any other government agency. Per Florida law, your deed is a public record and is permanently maintained and preserved by our Division's Recording Section. These records are available online 24/7 and in most cases, when viewing your deed online, we provide links to related Property Appraiser and Tax Collector data relevant to that property." More...

Helpful Tourist Development Tax Information

Broward County’s Tourist Development Tax is a local sales tax of 5 percent, which is due on the total amount received for the rental of residential properties. The tax applies to residential rentals for periods of six months or less. Long term rentals are taxable for the first six months of continuous occupancy unless they are subject to a written lease for a period greater than six months. The tax should be collected from the tenant by the landlord and remitted to the Broward County Records Taxes and Treasury Division – Tourist Development Tax Section. For more information including registration forms, tax returns and filing instructions please visit the Tourist Development Tax webpage, or send an email to

Records, Taxes and Treasury Division Best Practices Honored Nationally

The National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC) recently recognized the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division (RTT) with a 2014 Best Practices Award for its unique achievements with the “Electronic Recording of Notice of Commencement Documents” project.  More...

Book and Page Numbers Not Assigned for Official Records Documents

As of Jan. 1st, 2015, the Records, Taxes and Treasury Division discontinued the use of Book and Page numbers for documents in the Official Records (“O”) book type, affecting the majority of the documents recorded. An Instrument Number is now generated for these documents at the time of recording.​  More...​