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The information provided below is a general summary of the County's platting process. The specific regulations, contained in the Broward County Land Development Code, have been adopted by ordinance of the County Commission and cannot be superseded by this presentation of information. Please contact us for details.

What is "Platting"?
Under Florida law, platting is simply the subdivision of property as recorded in the Official Records of the County. In Broward County, however, platting is also the method used to evaluate the impacts of a proposed development on regional facilities and services.

Although the Broward County Land Use Plan provides general rules for when platting is required, each municipality can establish more stringent standards. Therefore, a property owner must obtain a determination from the appropriate municipality as to whether platting is required prior to development. We provide this function for the unincorporated area only. If a municipality is unsure about a platting determination, it can refer the matter to the Broward County Planning Council for an interpretation.

Platting Requirements & Review Process
For informational purposes, a Sketch Plat application may be submitted to the County for review, prior to the filing of a formal plat application. There is no cost to file a Sketch Plat; however, the comments provided are not binding and this review will not include a TRIPS (Traffic Review & Impact Planning System) analysis for the calculation of road impact fees and a determination of whether or not the plat will satisfy traffic concurrency requirements, unless requested and paid for by the applicant. In addition, it will not be reviewed by the County Surveyor for Florida Statutes Chapter 177 requirements.

If platting is required, the applicant submits a municipal application to the City first, and then submits a County Plat and Site Plan application to us. The two (2) reviews occur at the same time, and the application cannot be scheduled for a hearing by the County Commission until after the municipality has approved the plat. The County review involves the following:

  • Stating the conditions necessary to bring the proposed plat into compliance with the Broward County Land Development Code;
  • Listing the corrections to the plat drawing needed to comply with Florida law; and
  • Advisory comments on issues that will have to be addressed after the platting process.

Twenty-three (23) different agencies review plat applications to ensure compliance with their requirements. The subject areas include: transportation impacts; adequacy of water and wastewater services; provision of safe and adequate access; dedication of rights-of-way for major roadways; impacts on parks and schools; impacts on wetlands and on designated environmental areas; and consistency with the effective Land Use Plan. For unincorporated area plats, the review also includes municipal-type issues such as fire protection and zoning.

Time Frame
After the plat application has been submitted, the development review process begins.  It can take from three (3) months to eighteen (18) months to get a plat application approved by the Broward County Commission, depending upon municipal approval time and whether the application satisfies the requirements of the County's Land Development Code. The County's initial review period is thirty-seven (37) working days (or approximately 7.5 weeks). The following table reflects the review schedule for Plats and optional Sketch Plat applications:

Development Review Report Process (as of day submitted to County)*


Sketch Plat (optional)

Acceptance Date

add 7 working days

add 7 working days

Comments Due

add 20 working days

add 15 working days

Development Review Report Due

add 10 working days

add 5 working days

Approximate Total Days

37 working days

27 working days

*Note: Does not include County holidays

Development Review Report
At the end of the initial review process, we compile all agency comments and issues a Development Review Report. This report includes all the conditions necessary to bring the proposed plat into compliance with the Broward County Land Development Code, a listing of the corrections to the plat drawing needed to comply with Florida law, and other advisory comments on issues that will have to be addressed after the platting process. The Development Review Report also includes a staff recommendation of either approval, deferral for one or more reasons, or denial for one or more reasons.

Letter of Objections/No Objections
After transmittal of the Development Review Report, an applicant has up to five (5) months to submit either a "Letter of Objections" or a "Letter of No Objections," and then up to another five (5) months to submit a "written authorization to proceed" (described below).

If either a Letter of Objections or Letter of No Objections is not received within five (5) months of transmittal of the Development Review Report, the application for plat approval shall be deemed withdrawn.

The "Letter of Objections" must specify the portions of the Development Review Report the applicant does not agree with, and the reasons for the disagreement. We will distribute the letter to the appropriate review agencies and transmit a written response to the applicant or agent within seventeen (17) working days of receipt of the letter. Please be advised that the "written authorization to proceed" (described below) cannot be submitted until after the response to the "Letter of Objections" is transmitted by the Planning and Redevelopment Division Director.

A "Letter of No Objections" may be combined into a single letter with the "written authorization to proceed" (described below), provided that the combined letter is received within five (5) months of transmittal of the Development Review Report.

Written Authorization to Proceed
Pursuant to Section 5-181(i) of the Land Development Code, a "written authorization to proceed," scheduling the application for the next available County Commission plat meeting, must be submitted to the Planning and Redevelopment Division Director within ten (10) months of the transmittal date of the Development Review Report.

If the "written authorization to proceed" is not received within the ten (10) month period, the application for plat approval shall be deemed withdrawn.

If there are any objections to the Development Review report, they must be specified in the "written authorization to proceed." If the letter to proceed contains any new objections not previously raised in the "Letter of Objections," staff may recommend deferral of the plat at the County Commission meeting. If any new objections are raised after the submission of the letter to proceed, staff will recommend deferral of the plat at the County Commission meeting.

The "written authorization to proceed" will not be accepted without a receipt from the Highway Construction and Engineering Division documenting that the plat mylar has been approved by the municipality and accepted by that Division. For submittal requirements, see Section 5-189(c) of the Land Development Code, or visit the Highway Construction and Engineering Division web site. 

A valid Trafficways approval is required in order for a plat to be recommended for approval to the County Commission. Trafficways approval is valid for ten (10) months. An applicant may request, in writing, one 2-month extension if not previously granted. The request for extension must be received prior to the Trafficways expiration date.

County Commission Meeting and Affidavit of Applicant
After receipt of the letter to proceed, staff will schedule the plat for the next available County Commission plat meeting in accordance with the published Filing Deadline Schedule.  The time frame is approximately three (3) weeks from the filing deadline.

A copy of the final Development Review Report, transmitted to the County Commission, will be available for the applicant's review prior to the County Commission meeting. A blank affidavit will be attached to the Development Review Report. If the applicant signs the affidavit, agreeing with staff recommendations, the request will remain on the County Commission's Consent Agenda. If the affidavit is not signed by the applicant before the County Commission meeting, the request will be automatically deferred for at least two (2) weeks and will be rescheduled for discussion at a later County Commission meeting.

Approval and Recordation Process
The Broward County Commission takes final action on plat applications. If a plat is approved, the applicant has up to eighteen (18) months to record the plat in the public records. During that period, the corrections to the plat drawing must be made; all signatures must be obtained; and all conditions of plat approval must be either completed or secured via an agreement (and a form of security) acceptable to the County Attorney. The recordation process is coordinated by the Plat Section of the Broward County Highway Construction and Engineering Division. Except in unusual cases, granted by petitioning the County Commission, no building permits within a plat may be issued until the plat is recorded.

Each plat is approved with a restrictive note limiting the type and amount of development that may be constructed within the boundaries of the plat. A property owner may return to the County Commission after plat approval, and even after plat recordation, to amend the restrictive note. The County Commission will review the application for any additional impacts of the proposed change. A property owner may also return to the County Commission after plat approval or recordation to change other conditions of plat approval.