Water Matters


Water for Everyone — People, Plants, Animals

Water. It’s our most precious resource. Whether we use it for drinking, swimming, fishing, or irrigation, water is a vital part of our everyday lives. It’s also the foundation for Broward County’s most valued natural resources — the Everglades and Atlantic coastal ecosystems.  But with a rapidly expanding urban population, there are ever-increasing stresses on our water resources, both in terms of water quality and water quantity.  The sustainability of Broward’s urban and natural systems hinges on our ability to protect this limited resource, while balancing the needs of all of Broward’s water users.

Water fountainWater matters. Yet each of us wastes an enormous amount of it everyday, letting this valuable commodity slip away unnecessarily. Here in Broward County — with the Everglades to our west, the Atlantic to our east, and so many canals — it seems like we could never run out of clean water. But our region is growing everyday. By 2030, it’s estimated that over two million people will live in Broward County. The increasing demand for water associated with this growth makes protecting our supply more important than ever.

Communities with an adequate and clean supply of water thrive; those without it are tremendously challenged. 

Water is integral to life. People, plants, animals; we all need it. Water is also the engine that drives our economy. The industries that keep our economy booming — tourism, recreation, manufacturing, construction — all require water. And, it’s not enough to just have plenty of water. It must be of high quality and free from pollutants, like fertilizers and pesticides that are known to runoff from our yards and streets and cause downstream impacts.

We’re all water managers

In Broward County, water is managed by dozens of water managers, including municipalities, drainage districts and water utilities.  At the basis of the current water management system is an elaborate canal system that provides temporary storage and water quality treatment, wellfield and natural system recharge, and flood control. The vast network of water managers and infrastructure work together to meet our water needs.

What is often overlooked is the vital role individuals play in the system. Recognizing the effect that you have on our water quality and supply is the first step to ensuring a clean and reliable supply of water for years to come.

White PelicansBroward County is committed to teaching its residents how they can work to guarantee future water supplies and ensure the sustainability of our sensitive ecosystems.

"Water Matters" is the County’s educational program that helps homeowners, policymakers, local businesses, and property managers understand their role in water management and water conservation. Just as water is for everyone, this program is designed for everyone — from adults to children, experts to laypeople. We all make an impact on our environment. Understanding our role in the water management system is the best way to make sure our impact is a positive one.

The program includes projects and initiatives designed to promote water resource protection. Much of the program’s focus is on yard maintenance and watering, surface water pollution and drainage — areas that are frequently overlooked, but where individual residents can influence great change. “Water Matters” is an important part of the Broward County-wide Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP), a local strategy for meeting present and future urban water needs. Click here to learn more about the IWRP.

This website explains the responsibility we share in protecting our water resources and will give you the knowledge you need to make water-wise decisions. When we all do our part we can make sure that clean, abundant resources of water are available for all of Broward Countys residents: people, plants, and animals.

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