Conservation Pays

December 2015

More Than Just Rebates

Did you know that the Broward Water Partnership (BWP) offers more than just rebates for high efficiency toilets? We provide all sorts of ways for you to “Save Money, Save Water, and Save the Environment” 

Some of our partners offer FREE water saving devices, including showerheads, faucet aerators, and pre-rinse spray valves for commercial kitchens. See how your city is participating.

Most importantly, the BWP is here to remind you about the importance of water conservation. In South Florida, we have unique ecosystems and a shallow aquifer that are extremely sensitive to how we use these precious resources. Take the pledge to CONSERVE!

What Else Can you Do?

It takes 1.85 GALLONS of water to make one standard plastic water bottle, not to mention the plastic itself that is not biodegradable. So, what are your options for quitting bottled water? Your first and best option is to drink tap water! Federal regulations ensure that both are safe for consumption. But, we recognize that some people prefer to drink from a bottle. So, a second option is to get a water filter for the house. When you’re not at home, fill a reusable bottle with that fresh, filtered water so you don’t have to use a disposable plastic one. Your third option is a portable water filter. Many models are very affordable and will end up saving $$ in the long run if you usually opt for bottled water. Check your local retailer to see what brands they have available. These filters make great holiday gifts too!

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