Water Resources Policy and Planning

Mission Statement

To preserve, protect and enhance the sustainability of County water resources through policy recommendations and advocacy. To develop and coordinate the  Countywide Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) and associated projects. To evaluate current and future water supplies and environmental standards designed to protect surface and groundwater quality. To promote environmental stewardship and water conservation initiatives that fulfill the Board's visions to provide "A Pristine, Healthy Environment."

The Water Resources Section is responsible for coordinating County-wide water resource planning and policy concerns related to local water supply planning, regional water resource management efforts, and Everglades restoration projects. The Water Resources Policy and Planning Section oversees the coordinated implementation of three principle programs;

1) Water Resource Assessments,
2) Water Policy and Planning, and
3) Water Use Efficiency

The program activities include coordination across federal, state, regional, and local agencies. Participation efforts are related to Everglades restoration, regulatory and policy issues, regional water resource development, the Lower East Coast Water Supply Plan, hydrologic modeling, and current impacts from sea level rise and climate change.

Programs and Current Projects

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