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With our growing urban population, increasing demands for water, and the unpredictability of rainfall from year to year, managing our water resources is the only way we can ensure an adequate water supply is available when we need it most. And while we will have to look at alternatives such as reverse osmosis and wastewater reuse in the future to meet our demands, making better use of our existing water supplies through conservation makes sense and is the most cost-effective and efficient means of reducing our water demands and making more water available for natural systems, drinking, recreation, and commerce.

Conservation of our water resources is important throughout the year as we never know what Mother Nature will bring us in terms of rainfall.  While we recently experienced heavy rainfall and are currently in the rainy season, there are no guarantees that the remainder of the rainy season will be as wet.  View the latest seasonal rainfall.

Here's some ways you can help conserve water.

Broward County has a number of programs that address water conservation, both indoors and outdoors.  To learn more about these programs and how you can conserve water, click on Programs and Partnerships.




 Broward Water Partnership wins 2015 Gold Pixie award

The Broward Water Partnership Program has won a 2015 Gold Pixie award from the American Pixel Academy.  The mission of the Pixie Awards is to honor and promote outstanding individual work in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation.  The award was for one of the videos used to promote the Partnership's successful "Broward Mega Money-Saving, Record-Breaking, Wild Water Switcheroo".


Broward Water Partnership Savings Add Up

Residents, businesses, and nonprofits have saved nearly 750 million gallons of water since the launching of the Conservation Pays Program. Read more here. 

NatureScape Irrigation Service reaches 1,200,000,000 gallons of water saved

As of April 2015, the NatureScape Irrigation Service has saved over 1.2 billion gallons of water as a result of irrigation system efficiency evaluations during the past eight years.