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Implementation Advisory Board (I-Board)
​​​At the onset of the Regional 911 project, a Broward County Consolidated Communications Implementation Advisory Board (I-Board) was formed. The purpose of the I-Board was to review, consider and make recommendations relating to the creation, governance, funding and operations of a regional, consolidated E-911 system. 

Organizations represented on the I-Board included Broward Sheriff’s Office, Broward County Administration, Fire Chief’s Association of Broward County, Broward County Chiefs of Police Association and municipalities. 

The I-Board is no longer active. For additional information, contact Regional Emergency Services and Communications at 954-357-8570.  

Summary of I-Board Activities 

The I-Board created three subcommittees to assist in achieving its mission. 

Governance Subcommittee – created to assess and rank alternative governance structures and recommend a draft charter, operating bylaws, inter-local agreements for the County and participating municipalities, and best practices to be utilized in the selected governance model. 

Operations Subcommittee – created to determine the administrative and technical requirements for implementation of the recommended governance model; establish standards and metrics to achieve a high level of performance and service; and evaluate and rank proposed E-911 center locations based on engineering and technical analysis of the buildings and infrastructure needs. 

Funding Subcommittee – created to determine the potential budget impact on municipalities, Broward County and Broward Sheriff’s Office, and the tax burden on residents within Broward County; determine a timeline and required actions for implementation of a Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU); identify anticipated initial financial needs; and identify start-up/transition budgets. 

The I-Board submitted its final report on February 1, 2013. 

The full report with all exhibits is available upon request. Contact Regional Emergency Services and Communications at 954-357-8570. 

Documents from municipalities received in response to the report included the following: