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E-911 System Performance Overview
nearly 500 million dollars invested
90 percent 911 calls answered in under 10 seconds 93 percent reduction in call transfers 38 percent reduction in total call volume

​Goals Set at Consolidation in 2014:
  • Improve service
  • Employ the best technology available to expedite emergency response
  • Establish consistent performance metrics
  • Reduce delay (eliminate) in transfer of emergency calls
  • Faster emergency response times
  • Enhance interoperability and coordination amongst responding agencies
  • Fewer errors due to standardized call handling and dispatch protocols
  • Save significant amount of taxpayers’ dollars
The numbers above reflect how the goals are being met.

Higher Standards:

Then: No Countywide Dispatch Call Processing performance standards or protocols. State minimum call answering standard.
Now: Established stakeholder approved countywide standardized protocols and practices and implemented best practice standardized protocols for Emergency Fire calls.

Then: No Countywide reporting of quantitative performance.
No Countywide reporting of qualitative performance and tracking of reported incidents. Reports kept internal by dispatch centers.
Now: Implemented stakeholder approved hightest and best standards for call answering and processing. Open and transparent Countywide performance reporting; Incident Management Tracking and Quality Improvement Program in place.