Fitch & Associates Reports
Broward County engaged the services of Fitch & Associates, LLC to perform a series of independent analyses of Regional 911 operations. The purpose of the project was to respond to stakeholder feedback and questions, and ensure continuous improvement in the consolidated system. The reports provide a roadmap for fully realizing the efficiencies of consolidation in our community.

Mar 2, 2018
​Final Fitch & Associates Phase 3 Report and Letter to Municipal Managers
​Jan 2018
​ Fitch & Associates Phase 3 Draft Report – Radio Channel Workload and Staffing Needs: Optimizing Efficiencies
​Mar 3, 2017
Action Plan to Implement Recommendations from Fitch & Associates Report
​Dec 2016
​Fitch & Associates Phase 2 Report – Findings and Recommendations
​Aug 2016
Fitch & Associates Phase 1 Report – Qualitative and Quantitative Findings