Regional Agreements

Operator Agreement: The agreement establishes the Sheriff's duties and responsibilities, as the Operator, related to the day-to-day operations of the Consolidated Regional E-911 Communications System, the System's PSAP locations, transition of PSAP employees to the Sheriff, and the hiring, training, supervision, and discipline of personnel. The Operator Agreement establishes benchmarks that must be met and addresses the time at which the benchmarks shall be fully achieved View Summary of the Operator Agreement​* online.

Standard Form Participation Agreement: The Participation Agreement* allows for a municipality to voluntarily join the Consolidated Regional E911 Communications System. The agreement sets the terms and conditions and provides for the performance standards of the system. As an exhibit to the Participation Agreement, municipalities are required to execute a Regional Interlocal Agreement (RILA). The RILA deals with the responsibility of the County and municipalities as it relates to technology and equipment.

Standard Form Lease Agreement: The lease agreements​* provides for a methodology to compensate the owners the three Public Safety Answering Points sites recommended for use of their facilities - cities of Coconut Creek, Pembroke Pines and Sunrise.

Regional Interlocal Agreements: Municipalities and Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO)​* executed a Regional Interlocal Agreement that outlines the responsibility of the County, municipalities and BSO as it relates to technology, equipment, call-taking and dispatching.

Assessment of Broward County’s Regional Consolidated Communications System: The County has retained Fitch & Associates LLC​* to review and assess the County’s Regional Consolidated PSAP program to identify any deficiencies and/or gaps between call-taking and dispatching best practices and the County’s program. Following this review, a plan will be developed with specific implementation steps to remedy deficiencies and close any gaps in service delivery that are not in keeping with best practices.

P25 System and Service Master Agreement: On May 23, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners approved an agreement​*​ between Broward County and Motorola Solutions, Inc. for the replacement of the County’s existing public safety radio system with a new 700MHz APCO Project 25 Phase II system

​*Agreements (e.g. operator agreements, participation agreements, lease agreements, etc.) between Broward County and municipalities, public safety agencies and other partners that are part of the Regional 911 system are available upon request. Call 954-357-8570 or email​​