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Broward CountyAcademyBroward Academy Syllabus

Broward County Academy Curricu​​lum
(Subject to Change)

Destination 1

Passport to Broward  –  Governmental Center

Get your passport ready for your very first stamp as you enter the Governmental Center, the gateway to Broward County. Here you’ll meet our Mayor and other top brass and learn the basics on how we get things done in Broward. Learn the rules of the road. Discover the difference between policy makers and day-to-day shakers. Weigh-in on the most important issues facing the County and help prioritize our voice in Tallahassee. We’ll tell you how to get social and ways to get engaged.

Destination 2

Passport to the Medical Examiner’s Office  

Your second destination won’t be exactly like being in an episode of CSI, but it will definitely be fascinating and memorable. The Medical Examiner’s Office plays a proactive role in keeping our community healthy and vigilant when there is a medical emergency. When the community is facing a potential crisis like the Zika virus, opioid addiction, homelessness, MSD massacre, Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, the MEO is burning the midnight oil and keeping us safe. Take part in a debate on how you would respond and prioritize the risks facing our community.

Destination 3

Passport to Experiencing the World – FLL Airport

Your third destination is the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. You probably visit FLL as a traveler or a greeter for out-of-town guests. But now, you’ll get a whole new perspective behind the scenes. Did you know that public safety is the County’s number one priority at the airport? Just what makes an airport run? How does it make money to operate, and how does it impact you and our local economy? Find out how a rapidly expanding airport meets the traveling public’s needs by providing the most desired retailers, food venues and services. 

Destination 4

Passport to Economic Prosperity – Port Everglades and Cultural Arts 

Next destination…Port Everglades. There’s so much more to Port Everglades than cruising. Did you know that the Port is an economic powerhouse and the gateway to Latin America? It’s also a big employer both locally and for the state. Get the inside scoop and discover the goods and services that make their way in and out of Port Everglades and how you benefit. Learn all about the extraordinary public art on display. Best of all, tour the harbor master’s office and get a birds’ eye view that the public seldom sees.

Destination 5

Passport to Emergency Preparedness – Emergency Operations Center

This is a very special destination—the tour of Broward County’s Emergency Operations Center. This facility is off typically closed to the public, but you will have a Broward passport for entry. Here you will learn the ins and outs of how the County keeps our community safe. What actions are taking place behind the scenes when an emergency such as a hurricane is approaching? How does the County make sure that you are ready, set, safe? What role do County employees assume during an emergency and afterwards? Take part in a mock hurricane exercise. Experience Web EOC emergency management software. Sign-up for emergency alerts and messaging. Try your hand as a 311 call taker. View important 911 videos and learn about our public safety system.

Destination 6

Passport to Transportation – Traffic Engineering Office

Get your Passport stamped for the sixth time as you explore the complexities of planning public transportation (bus and rail) and traffic management. What is the County’s role in planning and managing the traffic flow and determining transportation priorities? What are your commuting frustrations and congestion suggestions? There’s a transportation surtax on the ballot in November. Learn both sides of the issue and participate in a mock debate. Explore the MyRide-Real Time info app offered by County Transit.

Destination 7

Passport to Recreation, Learning and Animal Care – Main Library 

Your seventh stop is a fascinating mix of programs and services that make Broward a special place to live, play and work. Discover how the County provides free access to education, technology, health and wellness and learn first-hand about animal care and adoption. Your evening kicks-off at Main Library where you will discover Creation Station and how your imagination can create the unimaginable through state of the art computers and 3D printers as well as virtual reality equipment. Did you know that Broward County’s Central Broward Regional Park is the only USACA certified cricket stadium in the U.S. and it was public input that made cricket a reality in our community? Find your passion at a Broward County Park and discover opportunities to get healthy, enjoy nature, participate in special events, and more.

Destination 8

Passport to a Healthy Environment - Clean Air /Water 

Get your passport stamped at an award-winning county park. Did you know that the County plays a large role in preventing pollution and keeping our air and water safe? It’s all about keeping residents healthy and informing them when conditions are not ideal. The County not only responds to today’s needs, but plans for our future needs as well. How is the County leading the way with climate change? Why is Census 2020 so important to Broward and what may be the implications for our future? Learn how the County plays a leadership role planning today for our future tomorrow. 

Destination 9

Passport to π – Broward County Governmental Center

Get your passport stamped at the Governmental Center where you will explore and taste π, pizza pie that is! Take a close look at the County’s budget and understand the pieces of the pie. You’ll be challenged to create your own budget pie to reflect your priorities for Broward. Discover the ways in which the County pursues economic and small business growth and how we all benefit. Don’t forget the small slice of pie that belongs to the Supervisor of Elections and why it’s important that you protect that slice and vote so our community reflects your voice.

Destination 10

Passport to Graduation –  Convention Center

Congratulations! Your final stamp awaits you as you arrive at the Broward County Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) for graduation and a special dinner. But first, you’ll develop a new appreciation for tourism and how the CVB entices visitors to come to Broward. Discover the County’s role in keeping the tourism industry alive and well. Learn the strategies that bring tourists, conferences and businesses to our area. Create your own video storyboard with your favorite reasons for coming to Broward. View the CVB’s award-winning videos that keep tourism humming year after year. Learn about and how do residents benefit from tourism.