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​“I think this experience was amazing. I wish I would have learned half of what I learned during high school considering that I'm a recently college graduate and I'm not sure which path to choose. Being part of this academy really opened up my eyes.”

“I absolutely enjoyed being a part of the Broward Academy, this was a great experience that I hope will lead to opportunities within Broward county. The Academy organizers did an excellent job, everything was well organized and very professional. The speakers were engaged with the class and informative on the subjects they were speaking about. I am proud to say that I will be a Broward Academy graduate and hope that the program will continue for many years to come. This is a great program that allows the citizens to become more educated on how local government works which is great because residents typically overlook their local government and focus on national issues because they may perceive the federal government as more important. When local governments is just as important as the federal government if not more important because it effects our daily lives. Moreover, I have a greatly enjoyed this program and will be encouraging family and friends to apply next year.”

“Loved it! Would highly recommend to friends and colleagues.”

“Great Experience! great learning of all that Broward county provides to their residents as well as resident opportunities to help the county and the community to improve quality of life.”

"I am very happy that I could participate in this excellent program. Now I feel myself as part of the community with the responsibility to help other people to participate in the development of the county, to get involved in community programs."

​"I was impressed with the program. I enjoyed the variety of topics and locations. My understanding of how Broward County operates has increased dramatically.”