Invoice Procedures

​​​Follow these guidelines to help prevent delays in processing your invoices for payment.

The Florida Prompt Payment Act provides that the County may set forth the requirements for an invoice to be a “proper" invoice.

1. These requirements shall be as set forth in the agreement or contract governing the purchase. In addition; any invoice submitted by a vendor must be an original invoice, and invoices must set forth the following additional information:

A. Vendor Information

  • The name of the business organization (as specified on the Purchase Order)
  • Date of invoice
  • An invoice number
  • Federal identification number

B. County Information

  • County Purchase Order Number
  • Broward County's part or item number (for each item or part delivered)

C. Pricing Information

  • Unit price of the goods, services or property provided
  • Extended total price of the goods, services or property
  • Applicable discounts

D. Goods or Services Provided

  • Description
  • Quantity

E. Delivery Information

  • Delivery terms set forth within the County Purchase Order
  • Location and date of delivery of goods, services or property

2. Be sure to clearly indicate any payment discounts that you offer on your invoice. Broward County attempts to take advantage of all payment discounts offered by vendors.

3. Mail or direct all invoices to the Accounting Division for processing.

Vendor inquiries can be addressed by calling the vendor relations phone number 954-357-6789

Exceptions must be approved by the CFO/Director of the Finance and Administrative Services Department. ​​​​