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Self Assessment Tools

Check Your Relationship with Alcohol and Drugs 

check boxesThis tool will assist you in assessing your relationship with alcohol and/or drugs ― prescribed, over-the-counter or non-medical. Please read each statement and decide if your answer is “Yes” or “No.” Be as honest as you can. Over the past 12 months:






Has drinking or drugging stopped being fun?



Do I ever get high or drunk alone?



Do I lie to my friends about the amount I drink or take drugs? Do I worry about people finding out?

Do I think about drugs or drinking while I'm at work, at school or with my family?
Do any of my friends or loved ones complain that my drugging or drinking is getting in the way of our relationship?
Do I get into trouble when I'm stoned or drinking?
Do I stay away from social events where I won't be able to use drugs or drink?
Do I feel a party can't be fun without alcohol or drugs?
Have I ever taken a drug without knowing what it was or what it would do to me?
Have I ever taken one drug to hide the effects of another?
Do I get anxious when my drug or alcohol supply is almost gone?
Do I feel apart from others, that no one understands what I'm going through?


Hopefully, you’ve been honest with yourself. If you answered yes to six or more questions, you may have a significant problem that needs to be addressed. Contact BARC today.

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